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    Doing NPCS,mounts, armours, weapons from god chronicle to high five/interlude. Weapons/npcs could be with custom effects.

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  1. Hello, i was wondering if anyone knows how to do passive skills bug? It looks something like the picture i will upload. Basically a guy has a lot of passive skills from items he is not wearing, so he has more p.def, p.atk and etc, so he's really OP. https://imgur.com/a/80aqBiQ Does anyone know how to do this? As i've heard u have to do something with items/subclasses, dropping them and using heal augment etc... If anyone knows how to do this, please pm me
  2. Hello everybody, i have 3 steam accounts (one or all together)that i'm willing to trade for a good lol account (eune/euw/na) - all regions are acceptable. Some information - 1 account - cs go ( gold nova 4) ,gta 4, rocket league, fallout 4 2 account - gta4, outlast 3 account - cs go ( vac banned ) and cod black ops 2 That's about it, if you want more info regarding one or the other accounts, let me know and i''l be waiting for your offer, thanks
  3. Hey, i updated photos and fixed the files, so reupload animations if u already have it in your animations folder. The name Elder pegasus is from the game, i didin't make it up or create anything new, so if it doesnt look like pegasus ask lineage2 :D
  4. So this is a vehicle which u can use in-game for H5 client. I will share more but at the moment this is the only one i can share. If you have any problems you can pm or leave a comment, i will help you out:) Updated photos Updated files - Pegasus
  5. Can make NPC with custom effect for practice, let me know if you're interested

  6. Hey, so recently i made this effect which u can see in the screenshot I will upload all the necessary files so you can use it as well You can try it out, use it or do whatever u want with it. If you have any suggestions on what to change or anything like that, let me know in the comments. Its nothing special but i hope you will have some use for it. If you have some problems putting it in your client or it won't work properly, let me know as well, i will help as much as i can. Enjoy http://www.mediafire.com/file/29bb1k7jmdh91u1/NPCeffectShare.rar
  7. So i just compiled an effect for npc which is made of 4 different .uc files, it works, all is good, but the thing is that some effects are repeating way too fast. I have the command RespawnDeadParticles on true so the effect respawns. What is the command or where should i adjust/change/remove to make it way slower than it is now? Thanks in advance
  8. You can download system from mxc and take it yourself
  9. Hey, so i am trying to open ertheia or korean skillgrp.dat files but i am getting an error. I am using filedit ++ v.2 version which has those chronicles in it. Is there another file edit which could open this kind of file or what's the deal? Anyone could help on this matter, please?
  10. Hey, i am trying to make a shadow weapon effect and when i am trying to search for Weapon.pan_darkline which is said is needed to make a shader i can't seem to find anywhere. i've tried both LineageEffectsTextures.utx 1 and 2 but there aren't anything like it. Should i search in other .utx files or what is going on ? The code is something like this StaticMesh=StaticMesh'LineageEffectsStaticmeshes2.dragon_warrior.anta_wik' CustomMaterials(0)=Shader'LineageEffectsTextures2.Weapon.shader_darkline'