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  1. Great and fast service. I recommend you this powerlevel services :)
  2. Hello. I'm selling an EE lvl 63. Pm me if you need more details
  3. I'm selling on Skelth Server: WC lvl 59 naked + sorceror lvl 40 at same account ((88 days suscription left)) 90 Euro (Sold it) EE 63 ((12 days suscription left)) 110 Euro 60 euro They have good nicknames and good reputation. I accept paypal. Send me a pm if you are interested :)
  4. I've used his services and I can honestly recommend. Trusted and very professional
  5. I'm selling 42kk adena 1kk = 2 USD If you need adena send me a pm. Thanks
  6. Sorry, my fault. Server is skelth Lineage 2 Classic Europe ;)
  7. WTS Blue Wolf Robe Set for 80 eur and Black Ore Set for 40 euros in skelth server :) Please send me a pm if you are interesting. Thanks
  8. Scammer. Don't buy accounts.He was selling an EE and when I finish my paypal payment he desconnected from Skype.
  9. You can buy accounts without fear, good and fast job. Account is perfect, good name and reputation. Good work :)
  10. Yep, ntomprinos is scammer. I bought an elven elder but when I pay with paypal dissapears from Skype.
  11. WTB Elven Elder with good name and reputation in Skelth server. Please pm me with your offers or add me to skype: ranma18 Thanks