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  1. guys i have problem with java....anyone can help me please? or if u can send me link of that java .....
  2. paidia sas parakalw mporite na me help ligo?? exw anoiksi ton server ola kala kai molis kano login sto game vazw to account mou mpeni kai me petaei disconnect kai apo katw leei protocol version.... ti mporei na einai auto??? mpori na mou pei kaneis?
  3. Expirience {EXP} x15 Skill Points {SP} x15 Adena Drop x15 Drop {Drop Items Drop Lowered x10 Quest Expirience {EXP} x3 Quest Adena x3 Quest Drop Items x3 Spoil x15 Weight Limit x10 Manor x2 Fish Extraction x4 Enchantments : Safe Enchant +4 Max Enchant +12 Normal Scroll Chance 55% Blessed Scroll Chance 60% Elemental Max level 7 Elemental Stone Chance 40% Elemental Crystal Chance 30% Configurations Alt+B Command for Buffs and NPC Buff Slots 24 Dances - Songs Slot 12 Buffs and Dances-Songs Duration 2 Hours Max Clients PC 3Olympiads Max Enchant Item +6 Geodata And Pathnodes: Yes Anti Bot LameGuard: Yes Sub-Class Max Level 85 Sub-Class Without Quests Class Master: Yes Off-line Shops (.offline) NPC Buffers Auto Learn Skills: Yes Auto Learn Loot: Yes Hellbound Level 11: Yes Commands on (.cfg) Commands (.expon - .expoff to turn on and block EXP) Champions System Wedding System Main Features Two Weeks Olympiad : Every 1st And 15th Of The Month There Will Be New HeroesThe Siege Are Every Week, Sunday 1st Sieges at 18:00 GMT +2 And 2nd Sieges at 21:00The TownWars Are Every Week : Saturday at 20:00 GMT +1 !GM SHOP : Armor,Weapons And Jewels Up To S-Grade With Normal Prizes And many Other New SectionsItems Auction : Put Your Items To Buy/Sell Through The NPC "Auction Manager" in Giran ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server EventsTeam Vs Team Massacre TvT Event Every 1hour in over 20 Random Locations Winning Team Wins 5 Event Coin ---------------------------------- Gang Vs Gang 9vs9 PARTY vs PARTY Event Taking Place 1 Time Per Day At 20:00 GMT+11REWARD: 10 Event Coins To The Winning Party Members -------------------------- Capture The Flag ---------------- Korean --------------------- Event Siege ----------- Event Raid Boss Random Spawn Your Website http://l2lostsouls.wix.com/l2lostsouls Your Forum http://l2lostsoul.forum0.net/ Your Facebook https://www.facebook.com/L2LostSouls/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel