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  1. cry me a river:( achy 1)L2Lionna has the biggest online from EU mid rates. 2) Who gives a fuck for your opinnion achylek
  2. 1)yes,well good try Achylek , Dafaq was playing on j0nze cp i dont remember it. Ahaha 2)Btw my cp i remember won L2tales gvg event , when yours sucking ballz of Jok3 (cp without bd setup lol) 3)Dont try to compare your self with me bcoz i am 10 times better as player , you still 2shot prophet in oly by Me .Easy +10 always for me(when you were playing L2) buaahahah PS i am still top, third time i slap you in your face.
  3. Achylek why so sad bro? I can slap you all day all night ..you are useless not even skilled Forum Warrior anymore. Well i remember Desade (your cp member for years) saying me bro you even believe achylek? he just lying about everything.. you are just wannabesomething .
  4. Stop be jealous achylek , you always wanted to be gm but no1 care for you not even vercetti.. I still slap you in your face and i fucking love it ahahahahah. Now what? go to your master (vercetti) and cry .
  5. 1) So you are virgin damn i was sure abou it. 2)Photos of 2k14? Ahaahaahaha I guess you have post them on your bedroom right?What a failer you are i cant stop laugh with you. Keep my Topic Up i like it.
  6. 1)who cares achylek, why no1 ever trust you? Not even Vercetti ever add you on his GM team, he prefered MetalHead, DiabolicAngel bcoz you are just a trash nothing more . 2) Now what you think you gonna flame me or Sorin like this? Bcoz I ban you? ahaha when i ban you like 50ppl was laughing about your retardness fucking virgin. No1 likes you, and no1 cares about virgins . I really enjoy that you hate us bcoz your hate makes me advertise. Kisses end of story by Brazon
  7. Best Mid Rate Arround, 4k online players + , check it out!
  8. I am like 20 times better than him, sad storki achylek when no1 trust you . :( Server got 3k online now we rising!!! PS Moderators Move Topic to Private Servers because its already opened
  9. 1) Hmm Vesper Weapon , its really hard to farm it at H5 .. since h5 its only for badass ppl (not) ,, Maybe you heard something about called 7rb quest. 2)There is No vesper armor/attri/or rare shits/ olf deleted so Vercetti Bitches can suck my d1ck? 3)Achylek You suck , 4) SERVER GOT 2.5k ONLINE SO HATTERS GONNA HATE
  10. 2hours and 30mins more boyssssssssssssssss
  11. Less than 8 hours for Grand Openign Cant wait:( this server rocks!!!
  12. Who cares Achylek there is no other good mid rate arround and you know it secondly twitch=advertise , BRAZON TOP hatters gonna hate
  13. The only thing that you doing now its advertise on L2Lionna ,because everone hates you and secondly no1 listen on virgin fat boy like you. RIPPED ahahah
  14. cry 70 online ppl at beta and already 1946 accounts made at database . Also everyone knows that they just log at beta test and log out , and waiting for opening. So gtfo retard