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  1. I am talking about Firefoxaurora and stathinio they scammed a lot of people by selling shared templates for 700euro and not even fixed :D
  2. I didnt ask you about your relationship i am talking about skills !!
  3. very good website , lelouch is skilled and i recommend him if anyone want to buy website from him
  4. yea if you make me plat i will it very good
  5. πρέπει να ακούσεις την εξάτμιση από το σκούτερ μου
  6. tommorow we can start i am silver 2 , i broke my mouse today but i am gonna buy new tommorow ... you are at east? @edit : now i see euw :/
  7. Tutorial: Part 1 - Acquiring a VPN and setting your fake location 1. Find any VPN that allows you to have choose where you want to connect. The most ideal thing to do is find a VPN that can connect to a city that's in the same state as you. (For example, if you live in Dallas, TX, get a VPN that is in Houston, TX) 2. After connecting to your VPN, OPEN AN INCOGNITO TAB IN GOOGLE CHROME OR PRIVATE TAB IN FIREFOX. This is VERY IMPORTANT as it disables your cookies. 3. Go here and search for any type of store in the city that your VPN is located in. (For example: A furniture store in Houston,
  8. to diabasa to prwh xa00xa0ax0axxa0ax0xa0
  9. http://olagossip.gr/pagose-o-poutin-ke-oli-i-rosia-rosos-epistimonas-egine-piramatozoo-sto-bacillus-f-sto-vaktirio-tis-eonias-zois/ OUTE NA AUTOKTONISOUME DEN THA MPOROUME SE LIGA XRONIA