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  1. Hello, about 30 min ago i has problem with connect to localhost ( double-click ) then i saw small window! 203-Can`t connect to MySQL server on ''localhost'' Do you have the same problem? No problem! I can help you! There you go! :) Bye !
  2. Hello, I`m looking for Dev who`s know how to fix, create server. Because i`ve got problem with database_installer.bat ( i must go to folder-Tools and change something --> ) EM LOGINSERVER set lsuser=root set lspass= set lsdb=l2jdb set lshost=localhost REM GAMESERVER set gsuser=root set gspass= set gsdb=l2jdb set gshost=localhost but i haven`t ''tools'' in l2j pack ( free pack with internet ) So i`m stop in half way to create server... What about Dev? If you want to do with us server C6 x100-150 Contact with me Skype: Voodoochilds
  3. Witam Szukam chętnych do wspólnej gry na kronikach od c3-h5. Chciałbym stworzyć Polski Clan :) Wiecej na priv ;) Pozdro --> Time Skype: Voodoochilds
  4. Hello. I want sell my two accounts on L2 Tales and L2 Chronos ( official Xp 1 ) Only Euro or Pounds. :) ( Cheap chars :) I dont want a lot of money cuze im usually played for fun. Price, cost per char Priv : ) But it was beetween 25-45 euro :) Auction started! :) Minimum 25Euros : ) L2 Chronos: -Lv 85. - Set Twilight light armor, Grade R - Wep. Apocalypse Dual Daggers Damage Up +Focus +4 - 103kk and set on auction for 500kk - I`ve got Xp rune, Sp Rune,Drop Rune 100% 21Days left! ! : ) - NCoin 139 ( donate coins ) - Hat +1STR And moree. : ) L2 Tales: -Lv 85. - Set Vesper Noble Foundation
  5. Hello. WTB L2EGlobal Account with wep,set,jew +++ Pm Me fast ;)) Skype: Voodoochilds >:D >:D >:D >:D