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  1. Looking to sell my account on L2 E-Global 25x server . LvL 79 PK Main with +10 skills / Sub GS lvl 79 Noblesse Equip: IC set + 8 Drac set + 6 DC set + 6 Antharas+6 Zaken+5 Frintezza+6 Baium+6 AQ+5 Draconic Bow + 14 aug active might. Arcana Mace + 6 FB +9 All oly weps with active shield and clarity Around 2bil in adena. Got 4 chars noble that i could toss in the deal if wanted. Diffrent classes. Looking for $ thru Paypal only.
  2. Bought a large order from them today for 165£ everything went very smooth, very trusthworthy and fast. Would recommend 10/10 +++++++++++ vouch
  3. Looking for these items on L2 Global DC robe set +6 atleast Draconic set +6 atleast AM with SA +6 atleast DB with SA +6 atleast Epics: Ant queen Zaken Baium Antharas and some TT ++ed If you have adena or LS too sell aswell im more then opend minded. Prefer PayPal but opend minded to other options aswell. If you want to use a middleman thats fine by me. Skype is :mrcuswilhelmsson
  4. Hello, im selling my Duelist on L2 Tales cheap since im starting on a interlude server i have no need for the char anymore. Duelist Male 85+ All subs done with certs ( Summoner,Tank,Enchanter) Noblesse. Vesper Heavy Noble set +6 full attributed Dual Periel +6 with passive pvp aug Retributer with active pvp aug ( Blunt) Skills +20/27 the most important ones. Frintezza necklace Zaken Immortality ( 30% stun resist) +6 Dynasty earing +6 Vesper MW ring Black Hero Cloak around 15 bil adena Not looking for much so hit me with some offers, will sell it more or