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  1. not really ill delete l2 this week anyway..i just get pissed from these bitches...if u got nothin to say then shut the fuck up...
  2. please any help guys? I really dont understand how this is happening..i can logon same account with bot on other computer..but i cant logon with bot on laptop..how the fuk does it do that
  3. ok I changed MAC adress and i confirm it on it changed on cmd.exe ...however in the game it still says that I voted...doesnt matter I changed MAC address..any idea?
  4. hi..i changed MAC adress with this software..I restart router...and then internet was not working..why? do i have to change something?
  5. geia xara..prospathw na katalavw pws dulevi to WTFAST..loipon to katevasa to ekana install..epeleks Custom Games kai evala to l2.exe apto system tou l2tales..Network afinw to auto h vazw manual kai epilegw kapion aptous servers p exei sti lista? tespa evala auto select best connection route..m leei WTFast could not locate the game file or game launcher on your computer. To use WTFfast connect to the game, keep WTFast running, return to your desktop and launch the game manually. Your game connection should then be made through WTFast. Ok to ekana launch manually..paizw mesa sto l2 alla den
  6. ok what I see from script, u still have to be active to change class , receive D armor/weapons etc..right?
  7. actually i just pasted the excel files in bot folder and it worked ..great thanks man
  8. hey man..i open script in l2andrenaline..i press play and nothing happen..can u give me some help? also the 3 excel files, what do i do with them?
  9. geia sou file katevasa to virtual machine..ekana to install..alla den exw idea ti kanw meta..mporeis na ta peis ligo pio analytika ti kanoume?
  10. Hello I try to login with l2andrenaline on my laptop which worked fine so far. Yesterday the bots on my laptop were banned some kind of way...but the bots on other computer I have are all fine.. When I try to login it says ''pplease remove any bot/clicker you have to login''... so when i login without bot on i can login... I also tried logging in with bot with same account on other computer and it worked fine... so my question is, how is it detecting that I have bot on, on my laptop..anyone have any idea? please help out
  11. Hello..I've been running the cracked version of l2andrenaline on my desktop no problem at all...today i installed it on laptop..worked just fine i botted for 3 hours...then i exited..and from what I see I turned off Windows Defender but some auto-scan which it does was not turned off...so it auto-scanned at some point and found those trojan files of l2andrenaline...I put them on allowed list but for some reason it isn't working... Unable to create process 0x2e4...I tried to delete the bot and download again..but still same error..I don't understand how the hell this is hapenning..can anyon
  12. hehe ok then..guess there isn't a way to bot without being infront of the pc lol :/ better than nothin