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  1. Live launch in 4 days. I know some people may be confused about their 1st project, because of bitcoins. Not all people could take out bits to basically cash out after bitcoin bubble exploded and price decreased. If you use your brain and think logically you will understand. Anyway, beyond has good files. Low rate server perfectly before summer to some good L2 grind. Community will be heavily russian, even tho project is not russian one (lithuanian) but there should be a lot of international players too. Just like on 1st launch.
  2. Grand Opening February, 23 in 20.00 (utc+2) EXP/SP - x3 ADENA - x3 DROP/SPOIL - x3 (chance) QUEST ITEMS (DROP) - x1 QUEST REWARD (SP/EXP) - x3 QUEST REWARD (ADENA) - x1 Some Quests Reward: RB EXP/SP - x2 RB DROP CHANCE - x2 EPIC RB DROP/EXP/SP/ADENA - x1 Seal stones - x2 (amount) Dimensional Fragment - x2 (amount) Epaulette - x2 (amount) Attribute - х2 (chance) Server time - utc +2 Autoloot - disabled Offtrade - yes, activated by command .offline Private Store available from level 20 Limited boxes - 5 box for 1 PC* Learning Skills - at class-master Buff slots - 24+12 Class transfer - 1,2 for adena, 3 for quest Subclass, Noblesse - only for quest Seven Signs event - period 2 weeks, start of registration February, 25 Grand Olympiad - period 1 month, start March, 1 Siege and TW - period 2 weeks, the first siege March, 10 The auction for clan halls starts on March 8* Respawn world RB - 12+8 hours random Hellbound open from start, level 11 All epic bosses are dead from the start Queen Ant 24 hours, random +-2 hours Orfen 36 hours, random +-2 hours Core 36 hours, random +-2 hours Baium 5 days, random 0..2 hours Antharas 11 days, the entrance to the nest is not limited Valakas 11 days, the entrance to the nest is not limited For enter to SoD (Tiat) is necessary 27-45 characters For enter to Zaken (night) is necessary 27-72 characters Premium status (bonus +50% exp/sp) Accessories and Agathions Consumables Start of the OBT is scheduled for February 15, 20.00 (utc +2)* * We may change the current server features.