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  1. sorry about that xD fixed it sorry forgot on that been forever since i did a topic z_z Ghost did not set a solid date yet but considering its the original files from 2007 wont be long we just tweaking few things atm
  2. Luna 50x is an unique PvP server which has been worked on for over three years and first went live on the 1st April 2009. Quick Overview Before getting started, please note that this list will not include retail features available in Luna. Only some of the custom features and various information we found useful to publish has been added in this listing. - 50x Pvp Server. - Highly secured server. - Experienced Team. - Stable. No lag. - Antibot System. - Rebirth System. Custom Gameplay - Custom Economy. - Custom Playgrounds. - Custom Events. - Custom Stores. Enchant Inf
  3. if you read what pere posted in the github you see that there is no compile its just debug the server java file and it will do the job you need
  4. shit died in less then a month he set a new world record for private servers ;3
  5. is that the forum account ? normally u just have to check spam and it works perfect the contact us button was never really used but if that does not work pm Pere or u can even email him directly and he will activate it for you, never had problems activating the account on forum with gmail, but the ingame accounts and forum accounts are not linked like before
  6. Server has improved a lot i really suggest people trying it again, a lot of things that were consider bad have been completely revamped and are amazing, the difference between a donator and a normal player has basically been removed thanks to the vote system allowing you to obtain the donation currency. but to top it off the balance my god is the best for any GOD server, every class is playable long as you as a player can play it
  7. nobody crying i'm stating facts u should know u was his little GM maybe u should have had him on a better leech or do u want to act like u guys were actually working on it but somehow Faris happened ? bitch please Elcardia failed and this new trash shit hes making will fail too maybe he might find some new morons to donate then change servers names again to something else
  8. right same way you told us on Elcardia that you was working on improving the server and lied and instead was making a new server with a new name to try and get more money ? its pathetic that LasTravel has to do that, spent 5 minutes on your beta and what you know its your same shit as on Elcardia that i mean hell u guys did not even change anything ingame expect a few name and i applaud him for changing staff names otherwise he would be full retard on that, but you want to claim that you want to design ur server to offer long term ? his Elcardia didnt last no more then 3 months, maybe he shou
  9. are you talking about the fog from highfive ? if so thats nothing more then maps changes