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  1. I've played a lot since your season. Here I see that you are in a hurry to open. There is no time for people to learn about your server in 20 days
  2. I don't know what campaign you're talking about, I'm following the server, a month ago you had a pvp server.In my opinion, your mistake is that we are in a hurry to open a server without much time for people to see the project and the small relkama.
  3. there are 10 days until the start, how to find out about the server in 10 days and people come ?
  4. WTS AM+acu+8 SOLD DC set SOLD TTS set SOLD 23 Lucky GOLD SOLD giant's codex SOLD 6000 fangs SOLD --------------------------------------------- All items for 60 euro pm me ! ------------------------------ i sell items for euro in paypal pm me for more info ! sory for my english ! :)