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  1. WTB 25B on Core only from sellers with 15+ rep. I can pay 35 eur/bil by Skrill Also WTB Tauti Ring and OE dagger
  2. Hello, WTS Sigel Knight on L2 eu Core lvl 99 and 12% exp. Dual is feoh 94. annihilation talisman and some minor stuff like mentte coins and r95 jewels. i include original email of the account in the sale. for more info or screenshots feel free to inbox me
  3. has 3 different skype in his post history and a different one in his profile than helists here, care posible scam
  4. server without a npc buffer and no dualbox will not EVER succeed. it's just pointless.
  5. impossible to writet to you since your PM inbox is full, pls pm me ur skype
  6. ur inbox is full plesae pm me ur skype, very interested in othell
  7. not saying hes scammer but pls take care everyone. since i assked from in-game screenshot he started ignoring me and he for sure read the messages on skype and even had time to login here on forum. So if u deal with him make sure he has the items/char by skype screenshare or something! idk why he s ignoring me but here u can see the log
  8. everyone cashed ot already a week ago, serbidor is totally ded, next edition dont wait so long m8 O0
  9. there's no h5 servers with substack
  10. can't send any messages mate ur inbox is full, im interested in your othell can you pm me your skype please?
  11. WTB any character 99/99/80/80 with 16 AP. class doesnt matter just no aeore and wynns. pls pm me all the infos if u got the char for sale.
  12. PM me with how much you want to buy, if you are trusted i can go first. we also can use a MM. also selling anthy for 35eur