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  1. LIVE - ENJOY !
  2. Hello dear players of L2Blaster, We gladly announce that Open Beta season is finally over, thank you everyone for being a part of this ! Changed some files in System, for Live server you'll need to download our new Patch, it is uploaded on our website ( playing with Open Beta one can create some confusions in game ). A donation Manager will be added ( tomorrow Donation script @ website will be ready ), we're not adding full items like A/S weapons or any mana/vip rune. More than 230 unique visitors daily, more than 300 accounts already created for Live, the lowered population of the forum i
  3. Thank you for help, guys ! Day by day we're growing up, because of you ! www.L2Blaster.com --> Live 18.04.2015 <--
  4. Open Beta Update: -> Account Manager is UP. You can create an account and start the adventure ! P.S: Lost Password function doesn't work right now, it will be fixed till tonight.
  5. The first phase is for skills, high-level quests and items. In 2 days the rates will be changed to live-rates. Still waiting the confirmation of OVH, when it comes the server will be online.
  6. Dear members of Maxcheaters, Gladly we announce that we added the Open Beta System @ "How to connect", "Downloads" sections.The Open Beta season will start on 11th April at the morning and it will end at 16th April.Be there to help us.We need you, you need us ! Account Manager installation will be delayed till tomorrow (11 April) because of some errors of OVH. To make the life easier, we added Buffer, Class Changer, GM Shop in game. Rates used on Open Beta : XP: 150x SP: 150x ADENA: 150x QUEST XP: 5x QUEST ADENA: 5x Adena reward of some quests will be reduced. SEALSTONES: 5x - Need extra
  7. The prices aren't setted already, I will come with information in few days.
  8. Sometime you're under DDoS just because you're advertising the server on another servers forums,and the owners are getting nervous.
  9. The chance remain retail, only the drop amount will be boosted. Probably for Giants Cave's quests will be boosted amount & chance. We're going to make extra tests under Open Beta phase to see exactly what to change.
  10. Thank you ! Yes, I'll make a poll about this Gambler, it was my idea but the communities voice is more important than my idea. A poll has been made about Gambler NPC, go and vote ! http://forum.l2blaster.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=9
  11. You can try my server: www.l2blaster.com Interlude,15x,no buffer npc,global gk and stuffs like these. Live: 18th April. We're in build community phase.
  12. Yes, exsit. 15x without gmshop,global gk and things like these. www.l2blaster.com Live : 18th April We're in build community phase.
  13. Dear members of Maxcheaters, I would like to announce my incoming server, hope you'll like it and be a part of this new community.We need you, to build it ! We took into consideration the number of servers that are around. What most people want to play and we agreed that reaching a midway point is the best choice, we decided to make it 15x. FILES INFORMATION: We're using the best OFFICIAL extender from the market, with our own scripts,largely developed in-house. Everything works like it should,retail-like.Because we chose the midway,we'll make some adjustments,to improve the gameplay and