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  1. lol xXxExosoulerxXx why you stealing the work of others and u make credits .:By xXxExosoulerxXx:. xaxaxaxa don't make us to laugh , you can't make by urself this index! you steal the work from http://l2memo.servegame.com exofil did it as all knowing ! anyway nice share Lier !
  2. can someone give me a program that i can see if the server is online ?
  3. i accept someone give him -1 karma , the mod told something like " don't post something without credits " and now the Global moderator do the warning that he told ? ! wtf ? is this a mod ? always TheMental want to get respect from others , always telling that he made a job but the most of his share's was from DaRkRaGe and from oneodevteam http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=6879.0 look what DaRkRaGe told ! anyway ! nice guide themental
  4. i want to disable the herbs , not to delete them from the game ( i mean not to delete them from database ) i just want to disable them ! ok look here : #============================================================= # WARNING WARNING #============================================================= # Those settings can modify the behavior of your server. # Your server will NOT be as retail servers. # # Those settings are useful if you own some special server # or really small server. #==========================================================
  5. http://www.maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=22677.msg152709;topicseen#msg152709 @pornoholic spammer :P
  6. soz for double post here is a photo : click the photo to see it better!
  7. yes but i open with L2 FileEdit , weapongrp.dat but i can't find them look i will post a photo !
  8. yes but i can't understand where is the code ... there are so much numbers so its very difficult to see the code number
  9. na rwtisw kati epidi eimai kainourgios sto forum , o vent00za einai kapio simantiko prosopo pou ton zitane oloi ? !
  10. paidia pio einai to arxeiaki , pou to anigw me file edit gia na alla3w to grade ! ? :P epsa3a to itemname-e , kai to weapongrp kai den to brika
  11. i think blane that u are wrong , because exofil deserved +1 karma and u gave him -1 too many good comments , for exofil as you can see : Polu wraio guide re Exofil I Think That He Deserves to go to -2 Karma..... Nice Guide Exofil ! Very Good for newbies ! nice guide exofil , if i could i would gave you +1 karma
  12. omg beautifull bars exofil keep up :P