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  1. Price of tyrr 101/ sigel 100?
  2. Oh, fuck, i got league of legends client deleted, so... mmm , i install and put then maybe, but is not a problem, i said i will give account to saw before. This is the point ^^, just 15 euros...
  3. WTS My account cause i need the money, and i got another account, so, i will take 15 euros for this account. If u are interesting, just add me on : skype: johnnieve25@hotmail.com. Account chars: close to 100 Runes: 4 pages complete Skins: like 15-20 , all rammus skins haha, btw And we can talk about the trade. I can give u account to show all, and accept. But first the money to change mail, etc . Just accept Paypal.
  4. I dont wanna sell char, this is an mistake.
  5. I can sell boss jewels set +10 set vesper noble founda robe +16+14+10 and boss weap +20 300 DARK, Set full 120 x3 too. Skype: johnnieve25