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  1. αστα να πανε φιλε... αν εχεις κατι υποψην μου λες. ευχαριστω εκ των προτερων
  2. As the title sais i am looking for a uml and java Greek programmer for a small assignment for academic purposes.
  3. Hello, for sale SoulHound Male 81lvl x3 subs noblesse with Arcana mace acumen +3 150 dark with Passive augument wild magic. You take char with master account and main email password. Just 15 euros with paypal.
  4. WTT WARCRYER 79lvl with email all info etc for sorceror/mystic muse/spellholer/ol 75+ any of them will fit me. ofc the char with email too. pm me here and later we can speak in skype. I am just a player here i am not selling items or stuff so if you want we can use middle man.
  5. there is still this server? crazy i was playing before 9 years!
  6. Wtb 2400 noblesse stones in bnb hi5 x7 pm me here
  7. i have for sale around 5.5kkk can be 6 also. give me an offer for them
  8. Adenas on L2 raidfight gracia final x4, Paypal 10 euros for 4kkk.
  9. you really think anybody will buy 52lvl characters? wtf.. server is mid game everybody is 82+
  10. Wts in L2 raidfight x4 gracia final Soulhound Male 82lvl noblesse (you get +email of character) with: Dynasty light set full attribute + Dynasty stuff acumen + Draconic light set full attribute + Majestic Light set + 4kkk adenas
  11. Edit: There are more items just pm me what you need.
  12. Wts adenas, aq, tezza or pm me for more.