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  1. About your problem sweets gave you the answer you looking for. About your pic, Wtf?
  2. Well, it's not twice :P if you look carefully the default one inside of destroyitem.... is if (sendMessage) sendPacket(SystemMessageId.NOT_ENOUGH_ITEMS); which is the message "Incorrect item count." in the player's chat. the second one (I added) is SystemMessageId.NOT_ENOUGH_REQUIRED_ITEMS) which is the message in dialog "You do not have enough required items." :D I just like the dialog to appear when the player haven't all the required items. (it's just optional)
  3. EN Fixed

    My bad. delete it ...
  4. Request from: Blood Tears ♡ Let me know if you need configs. code:
  5. Well I do not have anything because I'm not planning to open a server :P , you can find infinity buffers here in mxc especially without scheme options
  6. Take a look in your if there exists a line 'Quiz.getinstance()' , if you found it just add // or delete it p.s. it could be with configs for enable/disable
  7. Hello all, Since I love to help people if my knowledge can provide the solution, I'm here to help you with your requests/problems about l2j. I'm usually on for 3-4 hours per day so don't expect fast respond. I'd love to create your idea and give you the code ready but get real, I wont spend hours for just one thing , so don't request something big Feel free to ask any thing you cant understand, blame is not allowed here :) I have no idea for anything related to client side. Atm I'm working on aCis project (feel free to ask something which is related to another project ). Finally, I want to do this because it will be useful (for some members) but for me too, I'm learning java and I would like to improve my skills so I found it great idea. If this post is in wrong section please a mod move it to the proper one :) Thank you!