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  1. O lalalaa my favorite network is opening again an amazing server.... so awesome.. winter is comining soooo its time to pew pewwww :)))))))
  2. ofc i gonna join even brign friends with me.. i hope server ll not fail in next 1 week XD
  3. nice server i joined 3 days ago goin for good right now ;p
  4. hehe there is enough ppl 500-600 anyway is stacksub :)) and more ppl are coming daily so everybody welcome ;)
  5. heyyy i join in server today and it seems good atm :D i hope there will be much fun in later game :) see yo ingame fellows
  6. what about some nicks like GodPL :D xax or HitlerCZ ?? ive lmao :D
  7. i join in server today and enjoy it server is balanced but most ppl play mages 8) fighters ftw(h)
  8. AS+16+HASTE[EARTH 457] AND COINS DRAGON-NETWORK http://dragon-community.net/index.php PM HERE
  9. dunno guys why you talk so shi1t about server i test it and seems good :P
  10. @L2demonic abe mnogo sku4no stanaaaa... ne6to nqma li da raznoobrazite servera?!