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  1. Mia xara "zwntano" einai re filarakia :PP
  2. I have Vista Ultimate :P All works correctly.When I had XP eKO walker worked very well ! Just Disable Antivirus and work with Firefox :P
  3. Ston Cyan Pados douleuei teleia ! (O Monos server p doulepse se mena) :P
  4. Re pou naq ta vrw ta 150 posts .POstarete kana link PLS....
  5. Pigainte sto Request help. Kaneis re den diabase ta rules???
  6. re c emena douleuei Interlude . Kanonikotata :).Ekana vevaia merikes allages.Peira ena allo Scriptaki Interlude p eixa Kai koitaxa ligo tis diafores. Allaxe merika pragmata kai ALL ok :P
  7. Diavase kai ta rules min se doume me ban avrio!!
  8. Re file Ta spaei.Ston Cyan Kanei thaumata .Exo 2dis
  9. Sorry for 2posting . The server looks very good .Only a little bugs ,No lag (for now ) and nice staff . Greek Gms and Admins . Join this server you will never leave ! We want more ppl ! So Vote F4STTTTT...
  10. The server looks nice! :) But i will test it for a week and i will tell here the good/bad of the server ! :P
  11. The topic 98% is offtopic . Someone must *LOCK* this
  12. For translate http://www.gm.l2j.lt/?act=main check this site : http://babelfish.altavista.com
  13. Sorry I can't upload it! Someone delete or lock this topic! If one day I upload it ,this forum is the first .The download link will be published here(will.........) REALLY SORRY [move]Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy[/move]