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  1. Hello everybody. i want to learn how to work with l2off files i have planed in future to develop l2 off high five server and now i am searching high five extender for free for practice i can't find can you link me? :) and guide please how to install it
  2. when i press quote and writing answer it don't works :\
  3. It's the reason i've posted :D I Can't find any working cb to install on l2jserver what i found is just htmls of cb if you have link of crappy cb (working) give me and i'll install and modify it :)
  4. I Am Asking Just For Engine With CB :) And Nothing More :|
  5. Hmm... Okay Now I'll Answer You I Know That 400 PPL Will Join On Server This one And Two I Am Making Servers Just For Fun Not For Making Money :) Third I Am Asking Source With Just CB And Nothing Because I'm Bored With Scammers... Oh And I Know How To Make Website :)
  6. Okay I've Started It 2011 With Friends Because They Told Me It Wasn't Free And Then In 2011 It Become Free Sorry :)
  7. It Wasn't Free At 2011 Or 2012 I Don't Remember I'll Upload On Imgur Thanks
  8. I Am Selling EUWE acc for 30$ Acc is Very Old I Was Playing On Acc Since 2012 I Haven't Played It Long Time And I Want To Sell It Here's Pics Screens I'll Write Acc Info 1) 3 Rune Pages Included AD\AP Full Pages 2) Heros: Aatrox Akali Alistar Annie Ashe Brand Caitlyn Cassiopeia Dr. Mundo Elise Evelynn Ezreal Fiddlesticks Fiora Garen Gragas Irelia Jax Kassadin Katarina Kayle Kennen Le Blanc Lee Sin Lux Malzahar Master Yi Mordekaiser Nasus Nidalee Nunu Orianna Pantheon Poppy Rengar Ryze Shaco Shen Sion Sivir Soraka Teemo Thresh Tristana Tryndamere Twisted Fate Twitch Veigar Vladimir Warwick Wu Kong Xin Zhao Yorick. 3) Dragon Knight Mordekaiser Skin (Very Old(First)), Riot Tristana (Giveaway(Old)), Unchained Alistar (Giveaway(Old)) 4) Unranked 5) 178 RP 6) 3017 IP 7) 3 IP BOOST (WIN) 8) Extra Summoner Icons Contact Me Skype: facebook:chxikvo9595 Facebook: For More Info I'll Show You Screen From Skype Share
  9. Cracked Version That You Can Find Is Just 1.71 And It Works On Servers That Haven't Smartguard
  10. SweeTs I've tried to work with l2jserver and there's 1 BIG problem i've texted support to give me some working cb and they gave me very crappy it doesn't install problems with handler and i can't find any working cb with gk+buffer+shop so i've decided to search another because all high five servers have cb and i want it too i think it's one of main function so i am searching free l2j source...
  11. SweeTs I Need High Five I Am Developing From 14 And Now I Am 20 I Just Have Stopped My Developing Carrier 1 Year Ago And Now I Want To Continue So I Am Looking For Free Engine
  12. Hello Everyone I Am Here To Help You And Share My Files And OF Course To Make My Developing Skills Better Together You! :) My Name Is Irakli And I Am 20 Years Old