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  1. LF active American players to play with us on the interlude-online.ru GvE server. Will be alot of fun non stop pvp let me know if your interested or just hop on our discord and say hey https://discord.gg/CdyNt6h
  2. any bots working on l2classic.club ???? Thanks!
  3. Trying to add a gm shop to aCis. A lot has changed since I messed with private server stuff. There is no merchant_buylist sql table or npc table so how do i add a custom npc?? Thanks sorry for noob questions
  4. if you dont want profit why put donations? fail more
  5. Marlin1


    Hey man you learn from your mistakes =P
  6. Marlin1


    Sorry just posting here because this is where i found him.
  7. Marlin1


    Everyone, This is a warning to anyone who may be looking for l2j files or guidance of anykind. Do not get a file or even a bit of advice from wambax... This BR trashcan is 100% scammer. I made the mistake of asking him to help setup a server on my pc and he ended up just bugging my pc and getting my passwords. Next day I get on and this stupid BR has paypal'd himself 1000$ from my account..... What a stupid fuck. Needless to say he got none of my money because a quick call to the bank is all that is needed nowadays. Just letting you guys know to stay away from him and this site. http