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  1. Hi! I'm looking for bot works almost on all High Five servers. I tried L2Tower on the server that I'm playing but it didn't work, I tried to run it the basic way, if there is another way to get over gameguard can someone tell me? Picture of Smartguard used by server:
  2. where can I download it ? because it's seems it need payment to get it ..
  3. UP UP Even any way to auto target monsters?
  4. Hello I'm looking for any bots that may work on L2Age High5 server. Any bot even auto targeting only it'll be pretty enough for me. Thanks in advance.
  5. when the server go online ?! :y u no?: :y u no?: :y u no?: :y u no?: :y u no?:
  6. OMMMMMMMMMG !!! Finally Good Gracia pvp server !! , I'll wake up 8 am just to join the grand opening , thx mate for making such server ! love ya !
  7. server still alive or dying ??
  8. I can't wait to join it , u seems know what are u doing and confident about ur decisions that's how u can rule a successful server ! ..