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Found 14 results

  1. Version 1.0 is Live For the past couple of months i have been working on a new concept server. I took the "what i would like to play" approach again like back in 2010. The main difference than the traditional L2 gameplay is that i got rid of 98% of leveling up and made gear grades irrelevant. Also i removed a lot of annoying stuff that made you micromanage and worry about catching up (see the disabled items bellow). Now all you have to do is spend some time and you can be ready to compete with others even if you are a lone wolf. Some things that i found fun while testing the server: You can enchant your items while you are farming. Failing to enchant an item will not crystalize it or make it loose the previous enchant level. If you are short on adena, just sell the enchant scrolls you are not going to use. (going to make a special npc in wich you can trade junk for currency in the future) Seven Signs is relevant again. You need the ancient adena to trade with Mammon npc's. This is fully retail like, i love it. Owning a castle has benefits that are actually use full this time around. My final thoughts now are that if you are a mid rate or a pvp player you will probably going to like this server. I will try to maintain a balance between pvp and rpg elements. http://www.l2fx.pw Rates ⦁ EXP: x100 ⦁ SP: x100 ⦁ ADENA: x100 ⦁ DROPS/QUEST: x1 ⦁ Max Enchant: +20 ⦁ Safe Enchant: +5 ⦁ Normal Scrolls: 30% ⦁ Blessed Scrolls: 35% ⦁ Max Element: 300 (Level 7) ⦁ Attribute Stones: 50% ⦁ Attribute Crystals: 30% Custom Drop Rates ⦁ All monsters have a 5% to 50% chance to drop enchant scrolls. The higher the grade of the scroll the less of a chance to drop. Enhanced Grand Boss: Ant Queen ⦁ Respawns randomly once every 6 hours. ⦁ Increased HP & MP. ⦁ 100% Chance to drop one of each Grand Boss Jewel of B & A grade. ⦁ 100% Chance to drop a fixed amount of gold bars and mouse coins. Enhanced Grand Boss: Baium ⦁ Respawns randomly once every 12 hours. ⦁ Increased HP & MP. ⦁ 100% Chance to drop one of each Grand Boss Jewel. ⦁ 100% Chance to drop a fixed amount of gold bars and mouse coins. Clan Friendly ⦁ All new clans start at level 8 with 350.000 reputation points. ⦁ Clan Skills can be learned using points only. ⦁ No clan penalties except for deleting a clan and/or alliance. ⦁ Alliances increased from 3 –> 10. ⦁ Instant clan leader change. Play without nonsense ⦁ No custom items. ⦁ No subclass certifications. ⦁ No transformations. ⦁ No High Five Skills. ⦁ No grade penalty. ⦁ Everything is level 85. ⦁ New players start at level 84. ⦁ Subclass base level is 84. ⦁ 100% chance on skill enchanting at level 85. ⦁ Adena based economy. ⦁ No pay to win donation rewards. ⦁ Only worry about improving your gear. ⦁ Hellbound passage without quest. RPG/PVP focused ⦁ Enchanting failure on all items returns to previous enchant level. ⦁ Owning a Castle has meaning (steady and usefull income). ⦁ Fully utilized Seven Signs. ⦁ Player based economy. ⦁ Enhanced Black Marketer of Mammon. ⦁ Weekly Castle Sieges. ⦁ Daily Fortress Sieges. ⦁ Automated TvT & CtF PvP Events every hour. Custom NPC’s ⦁ Luxurious Gatekeeper ⦁ Full NPC & Portable buffers ⦁ Services NPC ⦁ GM Shop (Up to Dynasty) Buff System ⦁ Buff Slots: 36 ⦁ Dance/Song Slots: 16 ⦁ Durration: 120 minutes. ⦁ Cancelled Buffs return. ⦁ Overbuff protection. Server Information ⦁ Custom L2J Files. ⦁ Full Geodata. ⦁ Core i7, 16gb ram, 240gb ssd, 1Gbps. ⦁ Gaming Ddos protection. ⦁ Geolocation: France. ⦁ Timezone: EET.
  2. We welcome you to TheGame Epilogue Private Server . After 12 years experience singe c1 we are back for you with an beautiful epilogue server in the level or retail . All the best players from Greece will join TheGame because they know its not just a server , its a movement . SERVER RATES »Experience (EXP) : 5x »Skill Points (SP) : 5x »Adena : 10x »Items Drop : 5x »Quest Experience (EXP) : 1x »Quest Skill Points (SP) : 1x »Quest Adena : 1x »Quest Drop Items : 1x »Spoil : 5x »Weight Limit : 1x ENCHANTS »Safe Enchant : 3 »Max. Enchant : 16 »Normal Scroll chance : 60% »Blessed Scroll chance : 65% »Elemental Max. Level : Level 7 »Elemental Stone chance : 40% »Elemental Crystal chance : 30% BASIC CONFIGURATIONS »Server, and Forum Time : GMT+2 »Buffs, Dances and songs Duration : Retail »Buff Slots : Retail »Dance and Songs Slots : Retail »NPC Buffer Basic Buffs (without the 3rd class) , Duration: 1 Hour »Auto Learn Skills »Auto Learn Loot SERVER DOORS OPEN 21/10/2017 20:00 GMT+2 Website : https://l2thegame.gr DOWNLOADS : https://l2thegame.gr/download/ WINTER IS HERE AND THIS WINTER YOU PLAY !
  3. Anakim and Lilith Accessorie for Gracia Epilogue Client. Credits: Akumu/Catsia. Download Link: http://www12.zippyshare.com/v/sc7g5dzj/file.html Thanks!
  4. L2 Aurakyria Gracia Epilogue - L2OFF - x7 Visit us at our website: www.aurakyria.net The best choice for all Latin-American players, and more! Are you up for the challenge? Rates XP/SP | x7 Drop/Spoil | x5 Vitality | x7 Quests | x1 Quests Seven Signs | x3 Adena | x7 Raid Boss | XP/SP x2 - Drop x1 - Adena x7 Dual Box | (Third client enabled by donation) Main Class | RETAIL (Subclasses are not accumulative) Clan Hall rent | x7 Safe Enchant | Retail (+3, +4 for Full Body) Auto Pickup | Enabled at 1200 range Offline Trader | Free (1 Adena) - Max. 2 per IP Custom TvT Event .lock system to prevent theft | FREE Anti-theft system with real-time GM support Transform Sealbook - Anakim disabled World-class Anti-Hack software Dedicated Staff with years of experience - 24/7. ✓ Datacenter is hosted in Argentina, ensuring extremely low delay for Latin-American players. ✓ Well-tought customizations to ensure quality of life, balance of gameplay and encouraging competition. ✓ Custom Community panel with portable Donations Manager, Skill Learner, and Noblesse quest. ✓ Donations won't affect gameplay and are almost purely for cosmetic items. Grand Opening - Friday 15th of July! - 20:00hs GMT -3 (20:00hs for Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil) (19:00hs for Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia and Paraguay) (18:00hs for Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico) Are you READY?
  5. Hi guys.. I'm looking for L2 epilogue system (L2ProtocolVersion = 148) working on windows 10. (32bits, 64bits) I've been reading threads here but people only talked about interlude or gracia final. I need help with this please.
  6. Hello, Currently I have one project (not l2 related) (http://tibiame-bot.com) and I earn money from it for ~1,5 years already. Because of that I would love to open a Gracia Epilogue Low rates server without any donations. Anyways, I need ideas for that server. A lot of ideas. So, please post your ideas here and I will consider them. Thank you. :gusta: :-beep- yeah:
  7. We announce you our new server. L2 Justice Of Eternity Gracia Epilogue PvP Server! Grand Opening 30-9-2014 17:00 GMT+2! Stay Tuned... Our Server Features: Rates: Exp : x500 SP : x500 Drop : Custom Adena : Custom Enchant Rates: Safe : +3 Max : +16 Normal Enchant Rate : 75% Blessed Enchant Rate : 95% Attribute Stones Rate : 95% Lifestones Rates: NoGrade LS Change : 3% MidGrade LS Change : 5% HighGrade LS Change : 10% TopGrade LS Change : 15% Basic Features: Wedding System All quests working All skills working All instances working Sub Class max level 85 Max Buffs amount 32 Max Dance amount 14 Up to 3h buffs Certifications skills 100% work Retail certifications quest Starting Adena 1kk Custom Features: Class Master Offline Shop Autolearn skills Shift + Click to view drop list Subclass w/o quest Subclass Everywhere Clan penalties removed Heroes every week Olympiad maximum enchant +6 Champion Mobs system Dualbox allowed Custom Npcs: GM Shop (Up to low S Grade) Special Shop (Special Items from events-votes-farm) Global Gatekeeper Npc Buffer Team Vs Team event every 1 hour Commands: .deposit (trade 500 million Adena for 1 Gold Bar) .withdraw (trade 1 Gold Bar for 500 million Adena) Our Website Our Community
  8. Hello everyone, i need help with my source. The problem is that the summon and the pet on spawn doesnt follow the owner. Video example: www.youtube.com/embed/4O78jQd8dbA I have Epilogue l2jscripts and L2nextgen packs source but it happen the same in both Tnx
  9. Anderia.ws - Sovereign [x50] - 5 July 2014 Dear L2 Community After two years of Anderia Project has been online, the news are ready to be spreaded. The NEW Anderia.ws - Sovereign x50 Project OBT+LIVE Dates has been decided. Project website http://anderia.ws Basic Rates - Exp/SP/Adena: x50 - Drop/spoil: x15 - Quest items: x10 (not all quests) - Quest rewards: Exp x50, adena x50 - RB Drop: x7 - Epic drop: chance x3,ammount x1 OBT: 1 July 2014 LIVE: 5 July 2014 - 19.00 GMT+0!
  10. Hello Im Here and i can sell the bellow C6-Gracia Final-Epilogue-Freya-H5 Packs Any Kind Event Engines Code Services Balanced Interlude Files (Skills - Items - Formulas) for PvP Servers and Low Rate Balanced Gracia Final Files (Skills - Items - Formulas) for PvP Servers and Low Rate And many more 2 Packs that i already sell Skype Contact : Napster321
  11. Hello Dear Players! We decide to work on epilogue client for our server! And why we choose that client? First of all we are players too so we wanted to make something for players! We decide to work on epilogue client since you can't find any epilogue server on nowdays! For us it's the most balanced with nice features client on Lineage II.. So we decide to bring the old school experience back! Download the client : http://www.gamefront.com/files/14953387 Website : Soon Forum : Soon • Rates • Xp : x6 Sp : x6 Drop : x2 Spoil : x2 Adena : x4 Safe : +3 Max : +15 • Features • All raid boss work ratail All instance & quest work. Olympiad work retail Autolearn Skills 2 Language EN/RUS Buff time retail Offline trade/craft Starting Items (Default) Newbie buffer for lvl 5-75 Shift + Click Information about target 2 Type champion mobs with (20% Chance for 150k Adena) Protection Newbie System (Till 20lvl) Class Master (1,2,3) Event Capture the flag (by lvl) Event Team Vs Team (by lvl) Event Deathmatch (by lvl) Community board full working Midnight teleports are 2 times cheaper Birthday event Lameguard System Auction System .help : Informations about all commands .cfg : Different personal settings (on/off) .exp : Info about xp for the next level .offline : Turn your character to offline mode .password : Change password .repair : If your character stack you can repair it .gettask /.declinetask : Get a random assignment .whoami : Additional information about your character .auction : Open the item auction menu
  12. Kalimera se ola ta members kai ta dioikitika stelexoi tou maxcheaters.Psaxnw gia l2 npc buffer,gmshop,global gk gia epilogue client.Epidei ta links edw pou exei dn douleuoune 8a parakalousa opios 3ereis na m stilei ta link edw sto topic euxaristw...
  13. Basic Rates -Expertise: 50x -Skill Points: 50x -Drop Rate: 1x -Adena Drop Rate: 20x -Party Exp/Sp/Drops: 2x Enchant Info -Safe Enchant: 3 -Max Enchant: 20 -Normal Scrolls Rate: 55% -Blessed Scrolls Rate: 75% -Crystal Scrolls Rate: 80% Misc -Wedding System -Global Gatekeeper -Scheme NPC Buffer -22+4 Buff Slots -No Clan/Weight penalty -No Subclass -Full Noblesse System -Certification System -Attribute System (up to lv 7) -2 week olympiad period -Olympiad's Max enchant is +6 -Augmentation System (retail rates) -Geodata & Pathnodes -No Custom Armors/Weapons/Jewels -Custom Tattoo -Killing Spree System -TvT Event -Special Vote Reward System Server's Machine: -Intel Core I7 3770 -8 GB DDR3 Ram -Unlimited Traffic -DDoS Protection -1 gbp/s uplink -100 GB SSD Disc Website Forum Patch Server goes live at October 16. Till then it will be online on a beta mode. More information about L2 Vipers will be posted soon. Stay tuned!
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