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  1. 700 Euro's? Really?? l2 lionna and l2 Destiny from my opinion are the same FanDc Source as Mythras... the only difference between This free pack and that pack you want sell it with 700 Euro's is: Streaming code and +30 buff system on premium.. so you can search that codes for free....so basicly you want to stop other ppl to scam, but you want to be more scammer than them isn't it?
  2. Hello Everyone! I have registered on the forum in 2014.. Since then im active on the maxcheaters forum... Due to my lack of experience in development i do not post on the forum, because i do not want to post something wrong.... But that does not mean i'm not active! So..can you give me the password please? I whould like to test these files to my little project. Thanks in advance!