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  1. Solved!! can someone close this topic? Thanks to StinkyMadness
  2. Best Developer Ever!! Trusted And Skilled also help's you with other problems( other that you pay) go ahead guys and dont worry :D
  3. Hi Everyone! I whould like to buy vote reward system based on xml for hopzone and l2network. Founds = 20 Euro's; Source = Mythras (HI5). Please contact me via skype. Skype: ion.cu.vaca11 Thank you in advance!
  4. Mate?! I haven't received any diff...I have received only images dds from captcha...I did not received source code so dds images are useless without code..
  5. Sir? can you help me with that? i mean contact me via skype and you can tell me more how to recive money back. Skype: ion.cu.vaca11
  6. I think this time Developers of MaxCheaters Forum will take actions against that scammer kara'... i trust in them.! im on this forum since May 6, 2014 and never made anything wrong..
  7. it will be funny indeed...but they will not have reasons to ban me..i told them...if they contact me on skype i can show them via share screen all info's/chat's/payments transactions history....
  8. here.. https://maxcheaters.com/profile/211871-kara/
  9. I have checked her'/he's Activity on Mxc and allot of people recommend her/him ...i didn't expected to be scammed..
  10. i can't make refound mate...he asked me strictly to use Friend method...and about time..? i have payed on 7 June and now its 19 ..she doesnt answer from 11 of june til now..
  11. Hello, like title say i whould like to buy High Five Java Source with all L2Lionna mods.. I ask seriousness and no scamming.. Please don't hesitate to contact me via skype: ion.cu.vaca11 with offerts.
  12. it's seems Staff from mxc doesn't belive us..they want allot of proof's...aleready provided some proof's but they wants if its possible movie when she broked my source, but unfortunately i did not recorded how she worked on my source...
  13. If you want more proof's please contact me via skype i can show you all chat...but im not going to show you all day photo's...im at work... my skype; ion.cu.vaca11
  14. we have talked allot sir....she/he like to talk allot she tried to install that code..and didn't succeeded..she destroyed my source after she didnt responded anymore..i've got only images from that captcha but not the code...
  15. he/she didn't responded since then..