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  1. a ver si lee , y pone test server si usted no postea los errores nunca lo sabremos y por cierto que piensa matar usted solo un grand boss ? this character is all lies, this test server and if those errors were true that said and fixed, by the way just as you think you swing a grand boss?
  2. You added more stuff to the server, they expect to prove www.l2impulse.com
  3. Rates Experience: 5000x Skill Points: 5000x Adena Drop: 1000x Item Drop 10x Safe Enchant : +5 Weapon Max Enchant : +16 Armor Max Enchant : +16 Jewels Max Enchant : +16 With Cystal Max: +20 Normal Scroll - 75% Blessed Scroll - 95% (In gm shop with Farm Items) Crystal Scroll - 80% (Drop from custom RB and in gm shop with Vote Items) Server Features * Auto-Learn Skills * Balanced Classes * Wedding System * Clan Hall System * No Clan Penalty * Castle Siege System * No Weight Penalty * No Grade Penalty * New character start with 500kk adena * Sub-Class Without Quest * Hero System * Duel System
  4. I have him open a dispute in paypal, is a con man and had faith in the
  5. buy l2 xerus, PayPal and buy him you send the money and says that it does not you I have proofs of skype and paypal can I take pictures
  6. I am looking for buying a source very good interlude that come with everything already, i.e. make it for pvp server