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  1. pou kwlaei auto re mpaglama exeis kanena kompleks kai thes na se boithisw na to lysoume?
  2. kai meta ti mou to les paei kai plhrwnei webhost 2.5euro ton mhna apo thn cyta kai meta rwtaei kai ti fteei
  3. skase re miksiariko emathes kai to maxcheaters trava plhne kamia kaltsa
  4. pigene stin epilogh databases poses exeis ftiaksei?
  5. poios mace eskase 300 euro re kefte nikoloude egw eixa skasei 700 gia l2 moderator otan eixan akoma ban access kai me scamare o maxtor
  6. bump you can move the topic on previous we will announce you the grand opening date as soon as possible , we are going to order new matchine and new ddos protection so we can keep the community we had w/o any problem and as i promise we will offer you the best pvp server and staff
  7. new server is 100% ready tommorow when our website host will be fixed we will announce you the new features
  8. first of all stfu spamming and stop lie , i dont care if you join or not i dont really care but all bugs that players reported fixed in 1.5 hour. where all server fixed people had left and we deside reopen with new features if you like them u can join if not then go away from this server.
  9. i know it was the bug on adena first then some people left for 2-3 skills that needed fix now are all completed and we are going reopen at monday with new features :)
  10. why you blame the server we had successful start with 500 people and all left cuz of some things that we needed to fix , when all things was ready was 30 people online so i decide remake the server and open it for once more.if u liked the server then why you left ? :-\ waiting you all our forums when are open for suggestions , new features comming soon.
  11. we comming at monday with new grand opening and new features :) :) :) i will edit topic with new features when we are ready also we fix balance now working now official we had problem on aoe skills from gladiator and tyrant , all problems and bugs fixed too
  12. all people left the only that i can do is to reopen with new features stay tunned we comming soon