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  1. mpa oxi bow gt 8a kensi pola miss kai 8a xalas poly grigwra to mp sou kalitera duals kai light mexri ta 40 pou 8a ginis pro meta 8a sou sinistousa na ton peksis me heavy kai duals mexri ta 52 kai meta robe kai apla 8a mamas polous chars sta lvl sou mexri ta 52 meta ksexnato to pvp:P auto apo mena
  2. maxtor do some new guide for token like bnb:D:D:D:D we need tis guide thns (and soz for rong post)
  3. me fake sigoura doulebei enno to dokimases kai se ala weapons????
  4. i have sey things with telnet is i powerfull tol that windows have trai to sarche on google abut telnet wil find some interesings things8)
  5. ok paides to kolpo me to rollback den doulevei to dokimasa simera kai espsa doual katana sto +5 eleos dld auto apo mena
  6. the acc name is not i big problem on some servers go to registred paege of server and dou a new acc and if thear is a acc name like the one we have paste then go for it :D
  7. ok and you belaive all of his shit that they sey? pistevis oti lene ayti sto bnb eleos re man o server paraligw na klisis me to roolback pou ekane kai esy mou les gia 'uto xaooxaooxoaoxao
  8. they change the token and the protocol
  9. par8enes- ga....te prin sas parei o diaolos (opois to kserei katalabenei) :)
  10. i thing was bug that was fund by players and i have some in mind but im not sore they seyd that if we want to shut down they don't have problem to do they speak to players and they banded all chat to all players
  11. i can't find the new token of bnb they chenge de engine i think is need i diferent way to find the token if some 1 have i idea postit here pls to trai sorry for tose posts but i need hard
  12. need the seme help to find the token
  13. maxtor pls if you find the token pm as don't publicet here i need tis token so if you find somthin pm me and to aders how want the token thnks