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  1. WTS Adena in L2Tales-Scarlet add me on skype "RandomGuyQQ
  2. If interested in rpg x30 that is running now with 3-4k online you can check my topic
  3. Vorpal L Set 1800 +3 Vorpal R set 1800 +4/4/4/3/3 Vorpal H set 1800 +3/4/6/3/3 Vesp Caster Acumen 300 Fire + 3 x2 Vesp Caster Acumen 300 Water +4 Vesp Caster Acumen 300 Wind +3 Vesp Noble Robe Set 900+ att x5 Vesper Robe Set 900 att Moirai H set 900att +3 Vorpal Jwls Set +3 Zaken Earring +3 x2 Freya Necklace x2 +3 Divine Cloak 10kkk+ adena --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Characters:All chars enchanted skills ~15/6 + 3 subs + Noobless Eva's Saint Olf +5 Dominator Olf +6 + auguments Cardinal Cardinal Sword Muse Spectral Dancer Mystic Muse Olf +6(Oly Jwls) + auguments Archmage x2 Olf +6(Oly Jwls) + auguments Soul Hounds - subs 80lvl + auguments Adventurer - subs 80lvl(oly jwls) + auguments Plenty chars paladins/hk/summoners/etc 84+ as well pm me
  4. Selling Adena/DP/Items/Characters pm
  5. Hello wtb 40kkk in l2lionna! I use only paypal and trade with reccomended people! add me on skype: randomguyqq
  6. Fast and trusted delivery , i bought char + some items and adena and everything was just fine
  7. very nice price of adena and in good stock ++++
  8. WTS Adena in L2Cartel x20: Adena: 1kkk - 1,2euro 10kkk - 11 euro 20kkk - 20 euro I have 20kkk+ in stock. Send me messege in mxc.
  9. WTS Doomcryer 79lvl 45% Weapon:Common Yaska Mace Armor:Dark Crystal Robe Set Jewels:Common C-grade Quests:Almolst done subclass Quest(we can speak for more info) / I didnt do any part of seven sings quest.. / 61-67 , 73-77 pailakas done. Adena:6kk WTS Threasure Hunter 64lvl Weapon:Shadow Item - B-grade Kriss Armor:Tallum Heavy Set Jewels:Common C/B-grade jewels Great Wolf 61lvl + gear Adena:4kk pm me or add me skype RandomGuyQQ
  10. Add me on skype:RandomGuyQQ 1kk = 0,2e Doomcryer 80lvl I work only with paypal and trusted people.
  11. Items: Vorp L Set +6 120 att B zaken Moirai H Set +6 full att Vesper Caster 300 wind Acumen Vesper Cutter 300 att Focus Freya Cloak Adena: 15kkk in stock 1kkk - 1 euro send me message privite.