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  1. Found. Any moderator please lock the topic. Thanks. Regards.
  2. Hello. I am looking for a good developer with good knowledge of Acis . Pm me. Thanks in advance. Kind Regards.
  3. You are so kind and thank you very much, but i have try to adapt codes in my pack and i failed :( If you can do it for me i will pay you ofc
  4. Hello ppl! I wtb a ranking npc for acis, to show top pvp/pk/clan/online etc Also i would love to have and a raid boss info npc to show which rb is online and which not Also i need help to put them on pack and make them work properly pm me with offers Thanks in advance!
  5. can become a little more specific please?
  6. Hello. Can anyone help me and tell me how i create a new java file to paste a code inside? Thanks in advance! P.s. I want to make this http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/187939-rankingstatistics-acis/
  7. i have a frozen pack, interlude chronicle, i want from the dev to help me set up the server on the dedi and to set up site and forum.
  8. I am looking for a java developer. send me msg here on forum. ty