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  1. WTS 440b adena on Innova's Core. Price per 1b is 4e. Payment via PayPal, money as usual goes first. Initial contact preferred via MXC forum, we can move to Discord/Skype after.
  2. On same account. Human Hell Knight Male 100/ Tyrr Titan 97 Paagrio Shirt +7 Agation Libra lvl 12 Agation Virgo Stage 2 Agation Taurus Stage 6 cat Eye 4 Emerald 4 Garnet 4 Pearl 4 Tanzanite 4 tons of XP stuff Dark Elf Yul GS 87 Ametyst 3 Opal 4 5 slot brooch some XP stuff Human Feoh SS Female / Wynn EM 99 Maphr Shirt +7 Shiny Shirt +10 5 sloot brooch Garnet 3 Tanza 4 Taurus 12 Libra 3 Virgo 4 Dye +15 INT some 1-3 gems
  3. Hey. Want to sell EE 62 Male on Skelth server. Geared in: BW Light Set with Upper/Lower Body +6 SLS Iss 8 Black Ore Jewel Set 5kk loads of XP scrolls 30 days of play time On same account some boxes 22-30 lvl with some gear (incl +8 D Grade 1h blunt)
  4. WTB PP or WC 52+ on Innova's Skelth with reasonable price. Hit me up with PM and we can talk
  5. WTS : 91kk adena on Skelth 1.3e per 1kk Accounts: 1. Propeht 52 : all skills bought 20 days of subscription Divine Set D Grade weapon with MP Regen 2. Destroyer 38: 23 days of sub Brigadine Set Elven jewls Top D 2h blunt +9 with Othell 6 3. Elven Knight 33: 10 days of sub D grade armor Top D Dagger +9 with Othell 7 4. Elven Oracle 33 13 days of sub D grade Mithril Set Can be sold separately or as a pack. Can also sell items themselves. Contact here or via Skye live:c
  6. Definitely trusted and recommended . Just bought a toon within 10 mins w/o any issues
  7. As in topic I'd like to buy 100-150kk of adena on Skelth server. 1.2e = 1kk. Also want to buy PP higher than 52+, can be naked, can be w/o sub although I'm not willing to spend more than 40e on it. Contact via PM or skype - live:coretrader8
  8. WTS Adena on Innova Core. 50 in stock PM/Skype : live:coretrader8 Payment via PayPal, money goes first.
  9. As in topic. WTS Insanity Talisman on Core server for Adena/Euros. Payment via PayPal. Contact via PM. Skype: live:coretrader8 Since I got some scam tryouts let's make it clear: Unless I get the money and see it on the PayPal balance, I won't give an item. We can use middle-man service, buyer pays fee.
  10. 19b atm in stock and growing. Payment via PayPal. Contact via PM.
  11. As topic claims. Pm me with info what kind of char you got and your price and I'm sure we'll find a common language
  12. WTS Yul Archer on Innova Server (Core) Dark Elf Female Saggitarius + 7 AP with 50%+ Dual Iss Blade Dancer 96 and around 30% Talisman Anihilation [yellow one] 4 slot brooch ruby lvl 4, aquamarine lvl 4, pearl lvl 3, obsidian lvl 3, opal lvl 3 +13 STR - 5 DEX some viality stuff in WH clan flag skill bought passives +5 tornado +5 quick shot +5 pinpoint +7 stun +6 recoil +5 multiple +5 arrow rain +5 quick evasion +4 flare +5 quick charge +4 ue +5 qucik fire +5 mind's eye +5 slow +3 bullseye +5 Screens possible via PM. On same account also: Yul 87 Yul 85 Othell 93 Sayh