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  1. Freya is crashing when trying to inject already lounched game, when do "inject and start" l2pokectx crashes
  2. After i made game restart, skills i learned disappeared...
  3. Kengurius

    need help

    Hello everyone I’m studying business at Kaunas College in Lithuania and currently I’m writing a course work It would be delightful if you could spend 2-3 minutes answering some questions at survey located http://www.apklausa.lt/f/negotiations-w814uhz . when finished just press “toliau”. Tanks for your attention.
  4. here is my problem, i made the server, everything works fine, no red errors :) but, there is problem i don't understand, when i try to login with my client, auth server pass me, but when i look at server list i see "testing" in status area, and i can't log in to game server, maybe some1 know why it is so :) server l2 off c1 :)
  5. anyway, it was few years ago, young and stupid :) :)
  6. Simple app, it converts ASCII symbols to HEX or HEX code to ASCII, as i said, i don't know where u can use it, maybe some1 wuill need it, when i created it, i was on project about botting, but... it were never finished....
  7. It may be useless, but in case if someno need it, here it is http://www.file.lt/files/3165/HEX_ASCII_converter.7z It's writed in pascal, few years ago, by me, cheers ;) read main window for instructions "p.s u have to w8 litle bit to download, w8 till button "Siustis!" apear :)"
  8. Jei nesunku gal i pm parsytum? :)
  9. This one nice. Thx for share ;)