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  1. works fine but i get banned on DN i think they can detect l2 oog, i recomend using IG L2w if u dont want to get ban or oog only in the town where is lower risk that thyw will ban u.
  2. script works fine on IL DNx15 in oren, thx becasue since IL come i couldnt find working script (on l2w delvel option was getting stucked)
  3. i got disconnect after about 2 min :D
  4. there is guide about passing back -ice
  5. thank you I hope taht there wil be some simple guide including ewrything in one and video realase
  6. so can you share with us version and solution?
  7. yeach we are n44bs and i nee l2w for m ore (don1t have whole day for spoil low lvl and delevel dwarf then) so if anybody can help i will be very happy comments like flatronXL (pr0 player) not helping
  8. what configuration i should use and wich version of l2w for this server? thanks for info
  9. when im saying him to pickup without click on start combat hes doing nothing when im saying to start comabat even on every mob :not attack he attacking mobs is there is any script to make TH pickup drops and not attacking mobs and walking on silence walk?
  10. anybody can tell me is this work to enchant? beacuase to be onest i dont belaive in any enchant exploit i belive only in lcuk :D but if its true i can start posting :D