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  1. I Need A Program That I Will Able To See The Fotos Of The Lineage
  2. OK ty Because I Had Saw4 I am Legend and National.Treasure.2:Book.of.Secrets
  3. In This Forum Can We Post Some New Movies And If Yes Where We Post Them??????
  4. I Have a Problem with Navicat MySQL I Go To Create A New Connection And I Write LocalHost But Says: Connection Name LocalHost already exist[or in another navicat Product].Specify a different Connection Name. But Then I Tried To have Another connection with the name Local Host And I can't Do A Database Do You Know Why! I have Windows XP Crystal 2007!
  5. A Link Plz To Download becose it says file not found!
  6. Happy 2008 Ante Na bgoun Kai Oi Kamael Hight Rates Horis Bugs
  7. It is Usefull But I Want To Say At Another Link Ty If Somebody Can Delete My Post Plz Do this!
  8. Gt Na Sto Steilei Nomizw To L2brute einai Dead!
  9. L][ Athebaldt is a Kamael Test Server With Bugs ~Server Rates~ EXP: 10000 SP: 10000 Adena: 50000 Items: 10 Spoil: 15 Site:http://www.l2athebaldt.com/ Register:http://www.l2athebaldt.com/acm/ Download Host:http://www.l2athebaldt.com/host.exe ~Events~ Clan Leader Event - Clan leader fight.Only clan leaders.No members.The winner takes Appela armor set +40 Recomment Event - All members can be recommented from a Gm or Admin.This event is absolutely for better name color. Hero Event - All Nobless players must fight in Grand Olympiad arena.The player with the more wins
  10. STR Increases amount of physical damage. DEX Increases attack speed, physical skill speed, accuracy, evasion, critical hit probability, success rate of dagger skills (such as Deadly Blow), shield defense success rate, and movement speed. CON Increases maximum HP and CP, HP recovery speed, weight limit, underwater breath gauge, shock resistance, and bleeding resistance. INT Increases damage of magic attacks and success rate of curse spells. WIT Increases chance of magic critical hits, casting speed, resistance to Hold, resistance to curses (such as HP deg
  11. Ancient Adena Bug:Loipon Xreiazosaste 2 player dld h ena friend h diplo parathiro Opos kai na einai kai h duo idio team To Exw Dokimasi Me Koof Kalitera Opos 3erete gia na ginete hero thelei 30 ancient adena tin fora 3ekinate me enan player me 2 ancient adenatin fora ta petate katw ta pernei o friend kai meta pate kai milate stin gatekeeper patate tab na kai ala duo! Adena Bug:Loipon Otan Sas Bgazei Na Diale3ete Koof h Noob patate /unstuck Kai Etsi Mporeite Na Xonete Opion Thelete Mesa Stin Poli Kai Apo Elvel Village Kai Apo Dark Elven Village !!!kai Exete Aspro Onoma Prosoxh Meta