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  1. Υπάρχει κάποιο bot/walker που να λειτουργεί στο server ; Ευχαριστώ
  2. i used to play at l2dismay ... total failure :( i remember giran siege they were 3 clans , and not even full , more like 50 ppl . don't loose your time like i did
  3. walker seem to be working , but for some reason i cannot attack at all :( also l2arsv gives me an error . i have win xp sp3 .any ideas ? edit: pvp servers , i never understood why they need bot protection . People will pk you most of the time so that is the best protection .
  4. nice enchant rate , imagine an archer or mage class with a +20 weapon . just imba Really nice work , nice community . I hope in the future we will not see any crazy donations of weapons/armor and spoil everything .
  5. I am sorry but i am confused , why they are also Gracia Final Server files in the Connect section ? there are 2 servers ? 1 c6 and 1 Gracia ? or there will be an update soon at Gracia ? thank you all . I haven't played yet but it is a nice server , it reminds me of l2gold but without the crazy donations like apella 100% i hope it will have a big community
  6. http://www.azrama.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2 και ποιο συγκεκριμένα http://hotfile.com/dl/20447475/2f7bf07/azrama_patch.zip.html
  7. 7th) We hit a very good ammount of online players! (750+ Online). This is a really nice server , really good work and good ideas , but 750 players ? nope . That is completely untrue , probably cause everyone has AT least 2 acc log. I was at giran siege , it was awful , 1 ally with 2 clan and total 4 full parties versus 1 clan with 3 full parties. i mean at giran siege and there was 7x9 = 63 people . anyway i hope more people will encourage to join .
  8. server closing ? then lock the topic . i was reading 3 - 4 pages before i notice this :P
  9. i also want to join but ....Dual SOM & Dual Forgotten Blade ( 3 Types of SA) are you serious ????
  10. not worked in l2abyss ... not sure if i do something wrong :/
  11. So with simply words , can i "hack" my account on the server i play and add items i like ? or i can hack the database of the server and take control of other accounts ? thx i read most of the pages but still i am not sure what exact;y you can do with this program . one last thing , does it work with retail + java servers ? or it is irrelevant ?
  12. this doesn't work anymore , anyone can help plz ? i also need the "how to" for the ig bot on linezeus (hellbound client) thx a lot ... PS: i tried search but no luck :/
  13. i also run ubuntu linux , and the only sure servers to run are "russians" , yes RU servers :) just go to the l2top.ru and try any server ... it will work just applying his patch . and to be more specific , you install lineage2 with wine . after you apply the server patch and you are ready to play l2 . i tryied the first 10 servers and all works , but i remember i played about 6 months on abyss server . PS: l2 walker is another story ... but i heard there are special wal
  14. nothing , not even 1 suggestion ? anyway i tried to replace core.dll + engine.dll with a "crack" hellbound system and the bot still refuges to work . Nevertheless the game opens and i can play normal , even with the "crack dlls" the l2sniffer works , but for some reason i cannot use to bot :/ any ideas welcome , even if it is for general hellbound servers (l2j) thx
  15. it seems to work on www.l2energynet.gr (the radar/cp/hp) but i cannot make the bot part work ... do i have to push something to start like ? but it is a nice share in deed especial the "lock target" :P edit: the auto-pick works ... edit2: the problem in bot looks to be the auto-target , cause when i click a mob , just 1 click (aka i target it) , the character moves towards it and attacks , but then he doesn't change target ...