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  1. sry u're right, i forgot this isn't like epicnpc where u can't edit
  2. Funniest guy ever, rofl. Show me that screen pls, i dare you to screen the skype conversation where i sent that.
  3. Nice try to save ur reputation. u don't have 220kk and nobody bought 61kk from you. And also it's good that u admitted that u scammed me with the comment about paypal :) i can't get it back because i sent it to you as family and friends, nice try scammboy.
  4. You don't even own a high lvl char on classic 3x. with 1h/day u don't get to high lvl mate.
  5. And how exactly am i a scammer? This character is on my email and my acc
  6. LOL ahahahaha, u take 10€ from me ,i say i report you and u try to fuck my topic? get real Kid. u have like 5 trades here while i have like 50.
  7. Scammer. Took my money and blocked me .
  8. As title says i'm selling a 65 PR Bo Necklace/BO ring/top c the rest Price: 60€ Onyl family and friends Paypal
  9. is the +10 emi bow negotiable=?
  10. So is mouse gonna be super corrupted yet again or will this finally be a normal server?
  11. WTS my char on Dex Nexus 25x Slh 85 all skills +15-23 Vesper Noble Light Set lvl 7 Att [PvP] Vesper Buster 300 Dark Acumen PvP Belt CP Shirt Freya Cloak Vorpal/Vesper Jewels + Oly Token jewels. Looking for offers.