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  1. i saw server today so i joined at beta. really good server with nice and friendly staff, nice community with big clans, a lot of pvp and fun already at beta. i think its gonna be a good server for all. :)
  2. good server,very nice features,good gm team. i will join for sure! good luck with the server guys!
  3. Server Forums: www.l2etf.com/forums EternalFgiht Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/L2Eternalfight Grand Opening: Friday 19 April 2013! Rates - Exp/SP: x15 - Party EXP/SP rate: x2 - Adena: x15 - Drop/Spoil: x10 - Quest items Drop: x4 (not all quests) - Quest rewards: Items x1, Exp x4, adena x4 (not all quests) - Event Medal Drop: 100% - Event Glittering Medal Drop: 6% - RB Drop: x5 - Grandboss Drop: Chance x1, am-beep-t x3, adena x4, jewels x1 - Rate Extract Fish: x4 - Champions: 4% Chance to spawn Champion Mob , 20-75 level mobs can be champ