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  1. For example if you want to take coder position you should know (for example: java) or how to moderate a forum..
  2. You should pm maxtor with all account informations.
  3. http://maxcheaters.com/forum/index.php?topic=268198.0 Yeah I know it was a lazy question by myself. I just wrote it to take all the replies and give them to maxtor as it is.. * Glad to see that many members participate.
  4. Hello guys since Maxtor(Nick) ask me to take care his forum, I have to open this topic because MxC need new staffers since the old staff members demoted. Post here: Your forum name. Your age. The position. Your experiences. How many hours are you going to spend here. What MxC needs: (2)Global Moderators, (2)Gaming Moderators, (1)GFX Designer, (3)Moderator, (1)Dev/Coder. Please post here only your applications, dont spam. Thanks.