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  1. you got skype name on pm :) and rest who pmed me too :)
  2. Hello. WTS sell some adena for euro :) 0 bil adena in stock - 20 euro / bil - ( sold more then 150 bil :) ) Adena after payment, i am not giving first. Adena can be splited to more smaller payments like 5e/250kk .) You must send the money as a "Gift". If you send it with any other option, then I will refund the money and trade will be canceled. Paypal Skype in pm
  3. Hello. WTS +6 Eternal Light Set ( 3x 120 atrib) - 4,5kkk in adena or 180 euro. Payment in adena or paypal verified. PM for more info.
  4. WTS adena on Core server - current stock 5 bil. (5kkk) 100kk = 5,5 euro payments with paypal skype: porodnik007
  5. Blessed zaken bought already so now : WTS: Zaken Earing +5 - 1.5kkk WTB: +6 Eternal Leather Armor +6 Eternal Leather Leggins +6 Eternal Leather Gloves +6 Eternal Leather Boots I prefer buy for adena. PM for info.
  6. I have now 2kkk in stock, 7 euro = 100kk paypal, in game by mail, skype: porodnik007, we can trade it by 100kk+ if you are scared I am not sending first