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  1. edited video :) and 100% gold is from wh cuz before to switch on program he dont target npc after switch on l2 client he have target
  2. WTT THIS ITEMS FOR COINS/ITEMS ON DRAGON x15 Arena Light set+6 DN LIGHT SET+6 (atr 9lvl on all parts) DN ROBE SET+6 (atr 9lvl on all parts) AQ RINGs+3/5/6 ZAKEN EARRING+5 BAIUM RING+4 ANTHARAS EARRING+5 VALAKAS NECKLACE+4 ICARUS BOW+f+10 (max lvl atr) ICARUS SPIRIT+A+3 (6lvl atr) ICARUS DAGGER+3+CD (8lvl atr) DYNASTY DAGGER+3+CD(8lvl atr) DYNASTY BOW+F+3 (5lvl atr) AM+A+8 (5lvl atr) Saint Spear+HASTE+12 (5lvl atr) HD+F+9 DHA+HP+10 (6lvl atr) 51 donator coins 130k gold alot zaken daggers FS ANTI MAGIC ARMOR FS PROTECTION OF RUNE Arena Mask 2x tat
  3. good program but some times, it pressing Alt key by herself if u can fix will be nice
  4. i got some error FakeIDirect3DDevice.queryinterface this on DN any idea?
  5. this ss are from dragon i tested yestarday on arena and still work .... nunosliva :P
  6. read topic i said Dragon-Network i dont know about other servers ....... dunno for me bug work and this is not visual bug !!
  7. example: u can make easy coins or if u are very stupid u can get fast ban ofc :) some1 to hide post ... tnx
  8. in dn have trade bug/trick and u can make easy coins example: if u want to buy smtk with coins some dyn set or weapon for coins and if u put 100 coins after this u can put 1 coin and your coins is not 101 ... so if u trade with some slow ppl who first see coins later u can change your coins to 1 and give him only 1 coin..... 100% work
  9. bug with 2 combat pots still work... but dont work with crit error ......
  10. l2w work fine .. if any have ogg walker for dn can share here ... tnx i get this error any ideas?
  11. all work fine but i cant make settings on l2w (buffs and other ....)
  12. i delete option.ini 3-4 times and stil get crit error when open 2 l2.exe
  13. btw i get this crit error when i use dual box if any can help me .. tnx so much i think problems is from gameguard settings allrdy reinstal directx+video drivers OS : Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600) CPU : AuthenticAMD Unknown processor @ 1811 MHz with 1023MB RAM Video : NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT (6921) IDirect3DVertexBuffer9::Lock failed(8007000E). History: FD3DVertexStream::Cache <- FD3DRenderInterface::SetVertexStreams <- RenderStaticMesh <- FDynamicActor::Render <- SolidRendering <- RenderLevel <- FLevelSceneNode::Render <- FPlayerSceneNode::Render <- U
  14. have now autoupdater and need new l2w for dragon`s servers
  15. DN is IL ... Does some1 have L2W for the interlude client for dragon...