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  1. Intelligent Evil Every outplay has an evil side Facebook: /IntelligentEvil YouTube: Getting ready Website: Getting ready Contacts: Messenger: m.me/intelligentevil Discord: f0rtem#1036 Greetings! Introducing Intelligent Evil - New upcoming clan that will participate in different competitive tournaments and servers. We going to stream, film and produce out journey of becoming the best clan of the Lineage II. Our goals: Producing best edit/gameplay quality videos to the fans of Lineage II game. Showing potential in competitive side of the game. Having a great, fun time when playing the game. Making big international community that would have great time playing together. Perks of becoming Intelligent Evil member: You will receive a logo that will be painted individually for You. You will have an edit "special effect" video made for You that will feature Your skills of Lineage II. You will be featured in our social media and our personal website. You will be a part of Intelligent Strategy family. Great, fun, unforgettable times with the clan. Requirements to join our clan: You have to be at least 18 years of age. You have to be able communicate in English. You have to be active and stable player. You have to understand competitive game of Lineage II, know how to play very well. Assisting, positioning, classes, macros etc. You have to have stable internet connection and stable software to play without any crashes and lags. You have to be able to take criticism and failure. You have to be able to use communication program Discord. If you can't pronounce words or feel shy about talking we are okay with people that can listen carefully and do the task equal to the person who talks. Looking for: Clan leader that could control and play with players. Regular players that want to join our clan.
  2. Hello everybody. We are https://www.l2hope.com/ - Hope for Lineage II. Our project is aimed to be as unique as possible. Little bit information about it (from out website): · No real wipes: All items from every single season will be transferred to League of Exiles server. League of Exiles will be like different world that holds all of your treasure from seasonal games. League of Exiles server will be tough with -80% decrease on drops and all the other aspects of the game to make players play in seasonal server. To interest players even more with seasonal server we will make exiting updates and different main content of the server every season whether is that new peak time Hell Map or different approach to gaining server currency and items. · Unique content of the game: Project will be packed full of unique never seen before optimized systems and other content. Servers will have unique 6 currencies system, three types of armor with different coloring for all different player statuses. Standing out server players will be able to get Hall of Fame status which will give them their unique Statue in Giran different glow and armor coloring. Also near Olympiad you will be able to see line of Hero Statues. Weekly Showcase videos that will feature most improved players in PVP or PK count, server sieges, marriages and other fun things. Competitive Lineage 2 Hope League that will be live streamed and commentated fights between players and clans. There is so much to the project that it would need whole book to explain everything in detail. Well in one word it’s just going to be a network with most modern spin on it. Alright now we are looking for: Advertisement, marketing ideas and other. Voices. Graphics artists. Social media administrators. HTML, CSS, XML, JAVA programmers. Investors. LIVE streamers. In-game filmmakers. Staff members. If you interested to join our team or get to know more about it we gladly inviting you to contact us: Email: info@l2hope.com Discord: f0rtem#1036 Messenger: https://m.me/l2hope