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  1. I don't hate you cuz you make servers. LOL! I don't appreciate the fact that you waste people time with servers half worked :). Anyway, good luck with your project.
  2. Oh, hey. Im back to lineage. I see that this little kid sentimentS is still doing servers. From my past experience i can tell you, it's not worth it. Ktxhbye.
  3. you don't need. feel for yourself. you got lots of reasons. You got uranium in your thyroid and you are so stupid you can't understand what's a right and what's a privilege.
  4. WTF respect you want ? WHo the fk you think you are to deserve respect ? You're nothing, nobody, NONE ! You are a mother -.- just gets the PRIVILEGE TO PLAY ! You dumb ass kids still can't figure out the difference between right and privilege !
  5. You don't have to pay for advertisement. You have to work for advertisement.
  6. mai taci in mortii tai tu, ca esti mai mare failure ca altii.
  7. Please tell me a nice interlude mid rate server that's not lithuanian nor retarded.
  8. Wasnt sublimity custom server ? If you talk about that kind of stuff, im out. Mid rate means, and maybe some of the people will learn someday = RETAIL with boosted rates ! That's it ! Nothing more, nothing less. No custom zones, no custom buff slots, no custom armors/weapons. NOTHING!
  9. A damn retail server with mid rate stats ! That's all we want, but we can't get because the only people who do such servers are the lithuanian rats with their 1 week server and donate gatekeeper.
  10. Yeah, i left. Tired of dying in PI from the 3-4 seconds freezes.
  11. And closed in 20. Ahahaha you dumb fking people posting all sh1tty servers.
  12. Better be the son of a mentally ill nation who started 2 wars.