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  1. Wrong section dude. Anyway u can try www.l2gang.com - stable server high rate. A bit unbalanced cuz donators but it's almost impossible to find high rate serv without donations... a lot of ppl online.
  2. I'v Got program, also i know hot to edit, encrypt and save files. but cant find any "camcol" "cam collision" or something like that :(
  3. Ok problem solved :) just needed refresh the site :) it's low speed but effective :) thanks COzA... if i could i would give u carma for this but cant :( so u have just my thanks :)
  4. Well KOzA seems like it's working but the captcha (spelling fail xD ) are not readable for me :/ there are other captcha than original. Any1 else notice that? or it's just happend to me? :(
  5. Well on my server hp stays anyway... thats depend on server
  6. There should be: "1st of all u need to find biggest idiot on server" :D Anyway i will try it ;D why not xD
  7. Thanks KOzA! :) i hope it works on all sites :P I will test it when i get back from work :) Keep it up! Best Regards - David
  8. Wanna get even 50% more HP at oly? Simply follow those steps: Before Olympiad games wear: -Any weapon with [Health] -Any armor set with +++ Con (i.e. DC Heavy) Now wait for TP to Oly. Change for your gear and Voila! Now u get for example 14000/9000 HP Also to get more HP u can get Sprite's Staff + Body Blessing and try to cast something on yourself. Tested on H5 server. Screens comeing soon. Also give a feedback. Best Regards - David
  9. Hello again guys :) This time i am searching no cam collision to environment pack / exploit/ anything! It's annoying a bit - on my server there is a TvT arena where are chains, walls etc. and it's hard a bit to play when camera move up and down when it get anything on it's way. Cheers for any help - David Btw i "tryed" to search forum but a "SEARCH" doesn't work properly. So if there was any request / solution for that just please redirect me there (send link) :)
  10. Till now i used L2Tower for auto CP/HP... but it's detectable... I will switch to this program and tell u how is it working ;) thanks for share
  11. Oh btw it's high rate server... ;P it's change anything? When i use single mamba + crit dmg i only get ~200 dmg more on crit...
  12. Hello guys :) want to know what do you prefer on PvP as dagger class :)
  13. Hello guys :) i play on high rate pvp server H5. Tell me one thing - Adventurer with Mamba Dagger [Crit. Dmg.] or with Mamba Dual Daggers [+4]? Can't figure it out... What do you think is better on pvp? ;P Cheers for answers. Best regards - David
  14. Hello there guys. Like in topic. Is there any exploit/tool that can show enemy hp/cp? I remember i was having something like that about 3-4 years ago but cant find it ;( Also if someone know that exploit/tool please inform me on what chronicles is it working. The best for me atm is H5 :) Have a nice evening. Waiting for reply. Best regards: David