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    I zwi einai poutana.Apolafse tin oso mporeis......
  1. Thanks for the guide,it helps me a lot xping my Hunter at Sylvannas xD/ If you could keep the guides updated that would be amazing Thanks again :)
  2. Well You can Login With Gracia Client too.You will not have any errors.I play in L2Desire with ct2.1 client and never had problem....
  3. As it is the last hours from the x10 server why don't you do a farewell event in x10 server that will be only the start of the massive amount of events that will exist when the server will go x50 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you agree Mental and Mafia...
  4. Ok thnx for the Info See ya all at night when the x50 serv will be implemented :)
  5. Looks incredible There will be a wipe, right???
  6. That Sounds so promising Add working Vote Links in the site we have been added in Hopzone!!!!!!!! Mental tell us some details about tonight......
  7. The server is rly great Improvements come out everyday Do not hesitate anymore Just JOIN US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. there should be a shop that you can buy no grade and d grade items for coins not for adena that we don't have at all :P
  9. the server looks very promising P.S I am online with Gracia client IG=ZEDN0R
  10. The server looks very nice,i am gonna join too :) EDIT:As i see CriticalError is part of the staff so is the server going to have any custom staff???
  11. Yes i couldn't connect in the beggining but i downloaded the patch and bake ice presses start and entered...
  12. Server looks nice but when i try to register an account it says Mysql error check it plz... Also in the Updater i click Full check but it doess nothing...... Plx fix them.. EDIT: GM Team is good they fix it in no time...
  13. well a good server is www.l2njoy.gr (Emo factions pwnz)....
  14. These are some nice weapons(I think they are for Interlude) http://rapidshare.com/files/123535922/DARK_Swords.rar Credits to [AMATORY] EDIT : 1st Screen : http://www.imageshack.gr/view.php?file=udz2mwqtbt8bo92gmf22.jpg 2nd Screen : http://www.imageshack.gr/view.php?file=ptsm909lwa178jlhh50m.jpg 3rd Screen : http://www.imageshack.gr/view.php?file=v3uiku0v7x72vcvdw1ih.jpg Hope you like them!!!!!!!!