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  1. Do u have some of CT packs that were in the shared folder? Coz there just remains c4 an c6.
  2. www.painstorm.com.ar [glow=red,2,300]Gracia Final Server[/glow] Rates: Exp: x10 Adena: x10 SP: x10 Party: x1 ( x1 aplied to the x10 exp, which means, EXP/ # Party Members) SPOIL: x10 Enchant rate: safe +3 max +16 66% Enchants normales 66% Enchants Blessed GM Shop: (No grade to B Grade) Professions: NO quest. Subclass: With Quest. Not Auto Learn Skills, But no Books needed. Spawn Protection: 15 Segundos. Nobless: Quest Olimpyads: Olympiad Period (1 Month) Heroe Requisites: 9 Fights & 4 or more points. Events: Team vs Team! B
  3. www.morningtide.com.ar Servidor Interlude, NO Sub Acu Rates: Experiencia: x50 Adena: x60 SP: x50 Party: x1.5 Enchant rate: 66% Enchants normales 80% Enchants Blessed GM Shop: Todos los Items (Joyas RB x Medals) Sin Items Custom Profesiones: Sin quest. Subclass: Sin Quest. GK Global Auto Learn Skills Proteccion de Spawn: 15 Segundos. Nobless: Por NPC o realizando la Quest. Olimpiadas: Periodo de olimpiadas (1 mes) Inicio de peleas: Desde el Día 2 al ultimo día del mes inclusive. (El primer día se usa para cambiar los Gate Pass, por lo tanto