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  1. molis paw na anoi3w na bw stn server einai light kai meta apo 1 sec paei down (einai freya) :LOL:
  2. i have a problem. when the server open is light for 1 sec and then it goes down :rage:
  3. autoloot gt me pick up 8a itan 3enera. boreis na kaneis ta boss na einai me pick up ;)
  4. it is very usefull you dont need to search all time you have all Guides etc. in 1 topic ;D
  5. There is any topic how i can create l2jfreya server? link a topic if there is.. :D :D
  6. boreis na m ftia3eis ena para8uro opou apo ekei 8a boreis na kaneis tp,aug,dyes?? auto to para8uro 8a to anoigeis kanodas click panw se ena icon