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  1. Im there from 1st season. 1st season - GOOD 2nd season - not good 3rd season - EPIC !!! Keep goin Vice, Ray and Sindelia. You guys deserve more ppl on server ! Best regards Partyzanka !
  2. How much online? Any info about that?
  3. Ahh to bad :/ Me and my friends are looking for Gracia server, but with NPC buffer. I wish you GL guys. Hope so that you will add a NPC buffer :P :D
  4. On GO there will be a NPC Buffer or its only on BETA?
  5. For me, the worst server I had ever played. Dude make some changes/fixes or you are only looking for new donations?
  6. Im looking for GE low rate server. How much online?
  7. It's not online. Admin/Mod lock this topic, server is closed.
  8. Server failed? http://prntscr.com/2xhnyq and this take to much time when it is opening.
  9. On web site: Server is almost all time HEAVY !
  10. Open beta has been started. Download patch: http://client.gamefirst.ru/Patch-EN.zip Registrate account and start our test : http://l2.gamefirst.ru/index.php?f=register Any1 who wana join there, there will be a International clan. Check this post: http://forum.gamefirst.ru/index.php?threads/clan-lithium.68/#post-2854