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  1. yo play on this server??
  2. well you;re into something since at human fighters at 720 oNLINE is just 4 people there and 2 of them are making recs.. damm ok gl hf with srv
  3. well start was at 21:45 not 21:00 re-checks online on website its 430~ on 10 min but i cant get past selecting server you have been disconected.. and thats all
  4. nope its not l2net doesnt lie and the votes from hopzone aswell
  5. its ok bro i feel you english isnt my primary language aswell but what can i do not anyone can be born on usa or near it right we have to learn it :)
  6. daily votes 70-100... so cant be more than 150-250 on real
  7. 300 online and they have 600 votes/day on hopzone? check http://l2.hopzone.net/lineage2/details/93363/L2-Stars vote history and its not fake votes like on tales where hopzone checks and takes them down