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  1. Not sure I understand your post. It is either on the wrong server or you must have had a really bad experience that I don't know about (except the part where we've caught a few players taking advantage of an exploit which we've mitigated and kicked them out). I am pretty sure that for whomever would want to see the specs of the "Windows 7 Home PC Ultimate" we can provide the server hardware details. In any case, calling Romanians "tuciurei" which would translate to a really bad black community word is not doing you any service. Better get yourself acquainted to history first ;) Good luck with your endeavors on other servers!
  2. Website: https://l2.selfnet.org/ Forum: https://l2.selfnet.org/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2selfnet/ Discord: https://discord.gg/bD9gCsv Join us on Discord if you have any questions or just to be a part of the community. Join us on L2SelfNet Grand Crusade on our quest to the greatest server ever! A week long of continuous events starting the 6th of April 2019! Event : BATTLE THE BEASTS!!! A week long event with a lot of killing and a lot of fun !!! You and the players that would want to join the event will be locked in a CAGE where you will encounter a lot of monsters and one different raid boss per day. THERE ARE NO RULES!!! You may PK each other without getting flagged or get any kind of karma; be a part of this EVENT where everything is possible!!! See you there! Some of the event settings: *Vote Coins are usually obtained from voting the server and issuing a command in-game. They are used in L2Store to purchase goodies. Want to get involved on the server? Want to help? We though of a way to thank you for promoting our server and bring new players in:
  3. Increased all rates for the last week of BETA. Come and try so you'll know what to expect when we go live!
  4. Voting rewards print screens: We hope you like it!
  5. WE ARE LAUNCHING OUR BETA GRAND CRUSADE! Official live launch date: 31-March-2019 Website: https://l2.selfnet.org/ Forum: https://l2.selfnet.org/forum/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/l2selfnet/ Discord: https://discord.gg/bD9gCsv Let's go on a quest were Lineage 2 was meaning something, were Lineage 2 was Farming, Spoiling, Leveling, Sieging and PvP. This is not a pay to win server! We came with a Lineage 2 server like no other and we promise: - No Wipes - No GM Interference in game play - No Pay-to-Win We came with a retail-like server with good rates, retail-like game play: - No Custom Weapons - No Custom Armors - No Custom Quests - Custom NPC Buffer allowing you to save presets and buffs of 60 minutes - Custom GM Shop - Custom Community Board with buffs and other goodies - Custom L2Store - Buffs and Songs for 60 minutes We would like you to be a part of the L2 SN Grand Crusade experience; we would like you to join us! Server rates : XP: x5 SP: x4 Adena: x4 Drop: x1 Drop chance: 4x Spoil: x1 Spoil chance: 4x Quest: x1 RaidBoss: x2 Maximum Enchant: +20 Server launch date: 31-March-2019 Join US NOW and we promise you the best experience of your Lineage 2 life! Our web site