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  1. as topic says wts othell wr 100 level and 55% it has seraph set+4+3x120 blessed specter dagger+4+1SA+300+shit aug tezza soul,octavis ring warrior,coc ring 16 ability points +10bil SP premium active half more month few blue roses and few PA points 30 day agathion from the current event dual wynn almost 97 sub wc 75 i have been around for quite some time and here are some of the trades i have done,even back in 2012 http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/120973-wts-antharasbaium-on-dex-x4/ http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/121122-wts-highly-overenchanted-dyn-light-setshirt-on-dex-x4/
  2. hello,price for the 99 iss and price for the 100 iss?
  3. Selling chars on L2 Dex Wrath x5, 78 EE and 77 Necro payment method is paypal. Post offers
  4. Got offer for 15 euro if u give more u have it
  5. nobody will give you more then 5-10 euro keep dreaming for your price :D
  6. WTS Doombringer 80+/75/70 - Nobles Price: 10 Only PayPal!
  7. WTS Adventurer 85/75/75/75 nobles Equip: - Vorpal light set +6 +120 attribute - Skull edge dual daggers +8+300 earth attri + pvp duel might augment - Veniplant sword+6+acumen - Vesper noble foundation set clean ( w/o attribute) - frintezza neck+5 - vorpal jewels x2 rings+6 x2 earrings+6 - zaken earring ( from oly - 60 days ) - skills +20 - vesper dual daggers+4+300 - vesper buster+4 - moirai heavy set+4 clean - frintezza + zaken cloak - shirt+4 ( +700 CP ) as gift i'll give you Cardinal 85 lvl / Spoiler 85/75/75/75(nobles) / Titan 85/75/75/75(nobles ) waiting for
  8. Vesper noble heavy set armor+9 rest+8 120 attribute give an offer
  9. hello i am willing to buy a good working scripts for l2 walker for leveling 1-20 20-40 40-52 and so on and so on if anybody has a decent working scripts feel free to post or pm its about rpg hi5 x3
  10. WTS Archmage on L2tales x15 gear: - Vesper noble robe set+4+1200 attribute - Vesper Buster+5+acu+225 Fire attribute - augment celestial shield - Frintezza necklace - Vorpal Earring - dynasty earring - dynasty ring - Holy spirit cloak - Vesper Sigil+4 - Nobles quest done - 3 sub classes -sub sertifications and a lot life stones in WH and as BONUS i will give you EE 85lvl give an offers in PM only for ppl with paypal!