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  1. I have for sale adena on server l2 lionna. 100kkk+. For more info send me PM.
  2. It's 100% not brazon server. He's opening era this time.
  3. I hope, that saga and destiny won't open at the same time. It will again split players into two small servers...
  4. In 2017 I've been playing on tales, nemesis and now redmoon, but all of them had terrible online. After seeing online on l2 dragon I must say, that I'm looking forward for brazonka's servers. Yes, big clans get free items, but at least his servers are stable, and have best online of all mid rates. Also on mid rate it takes me 5 days of playing without any bots to get fully geared.
  5. And because of that people don't want to play :D.
  6. Wasn't it l2 holiday? These files were awesome.
  7. Vesper found is useless. Vorpal only for ps. For other summoners Vesper robe noble.
  8. Nowadays the problem is not files, but the community. I played few days ago on l2nemesis (probably l2 saga server). After 2 weeks every big clan left, and went on dragon, while nemesis had everythink working, except for bots at start. Server died even before 1st period :P. Also everyone describes good files in a different way. 2-3 years ago or so for me good files were the ones, which had official like geodata on olympiad (wallshoting worked), but only one mid rate had this geodata, and it was back in 2k14, and they removed it after 2 weeks :X. The most problematic to balance are gladis and nukers. Gladis without macro glitch have way lower dmg with their aoe, that's why on FanDC files gladi has so much dmg (aka 10k TSS). While nukers have problem, because eu community doesn't like cancel because muh buffs, and also fear +30 cost. And that's why on mid rates nukers have 2x higher dmg, because their cancel is usually way lower than on official. Also mana pots, full buff, oe gear. Nowadays I wouldn't join server with different files than FanDC.
  9. 1. Nobody cares 2. If they're using bought package, than it's probably buggless already, and the only think which might be wrong is damage, or chance for debuff, which isn't that hard to change 3. Nobody watches these youtube movies 4, 5, 6. Look at nr. 3 7. I agree. The less windows, the better. For me the perfect number would be 3, but 4 is ok too. Anyway there are ppl, which can bypass it. 8. We don't know yet. If they don't get rid of the bots, than it's going to be again 2 weeks server. I hope they'll understand, that bots are killing economy with cheap items. 9. I think, that if community board looks the same as on other servers, than it's easier to memorize it, which is good. 10. It's good, that GM wants to maintain communication with it's community.
  10. Why there are 2 servers at one time? both tales and rise are failed, because they lack online. Either Stalone and Mouse create one big server, or one of them must leave. Right now there is no action at these mid rates.
  11. Lineage eternal is going to be great. It's like MMORPG LoL in lineage style.
  12. Top midrate for next few weeks ^^
  13. This is faq for playing l2 in 2k16 at private servers and l2 classic 1. learn russian 2. play at russian servers 3. enjoy